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The fact that well-known brands such as Porsche or Aston Martin intend to produce new all-electric models seems to be a "necessary evil" for most amateurs today. On the other hand, that these same builders they're packing their legacy to turn their old models into electric vehicles... this thing can be harder to swallow!

After the electrification of Jaguar and its Type E, it is now up to Aston Martin to introduce his program to turn an old model into an electric one. The stated goal is that These cars can be used in all circumstancesRegardless of the current restrictions on pollution.

A reversible transformation

The first car to have undergone this mutation is a 1970 DB6 MkII Volante. However, the brand claims that maintaining the "integrity of the original car" is essential, and guarantees that these transformations can be reversible. So also become electric, The DB6 could find his noble six-cylinder in series and his mechanical gear if his owner wanted it.

While the "cassette", including the electric motor and batteries, was developed from the work done for the next RapidE, it was first checked to see whether it could support itself on the original mounts of the engine and transmission. , This adaptation did not require any major transformation and nothing suggests aesthetically that this Aston is electric. Nothing, apart from the absence of noise ...

Aston Martin announces this This Heritage EV rebuilding program should begin in 2019but does not yet communicate the cost of such transformation nor the models involved.