Porsche Cayman GT Latest Edition Review

Porsche Cayman Gts Red Review
Porsche Cayman Gts Red Review

Porsche Cayman GT4: crocodile dandy becomes radical – Porsche finally unveils its Cayman GT4, which we discover in flesh and scales at the Geneva show. On the program: a flat-six 3.8 of 385 hp and a quickdraw 911 GT3, all from “only” 88,310 euros.

He had been surprised barely camouflaged and had seen his butt in a video broadcast by Porsche Cayman Itself, now here is the Cayman GT4 unveiled in broad daylight! And the least we can say is that it honors the name GT4, which means a race car category closely derived from production models.

Porsche cayman black edition review

Here, no “small” flat-six 3.4 but a 3.8 Carrera S which was allowed to escape 15 nags to try to keep the Cayman GT4 reasonable distance from its big sister. Still, with 385 hp, a 0 to 100 km / h achieved in 4.4 seconds and the balance of an engine in the rear central position, reptile-there does seem to have enough teeth to chewable most members of the family 911. note that unlike the GT3, the Porsche Cayman GT4 does not impose PDK dual-clutch, but a manual six-speed gearbox!

Speaking of GT3, it is impossible not to think of it when you look at his little brother scales. Whether to proceed with this sharp shield at the back with this massive fixed spoiler, or even inside where colored stitching and Alcantara abound, almost everything recalls the iconic pistarde Zuffenhausen. But the Cayman GT4 does not simply borrow her makeup case since resumed its braking system, including optional ceramic discs.

Porsche cayman gts red review

In short, even if the Porsche Cayman GT4 is far from being the most powerful Porsche, it should probably be one of the most fun to whip. FYI, it achieved a time of 7:40 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And with a French price from 88 310 euros, it would almost seem accessible face the 92,243 euros that requires Carrera 350 hp.

In any case it sticks with the images that we showed recent Cayman GT4. The current Porsche Cayman is strong right now: between the new Panamera & Boxster future Club Sport.

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