2016 Dodge Viper Roadster Premium Engine Power

The new accessories of 2016 Dodge Viper Roadster like a new 2016 GT and TA 2.0 Special Edition finished models for the new and upcoming Dodge Viper Roadster be Moreover, new engine power increased functionality at a modest 5 hp, a significant fall in prices and a mpg highway light are EPA-Class Roadster Anchor included.

We all know when generation of the Viper arise, the mentality Viper challenged not provide the Roadster model release. However, the automaker revealed that the sixth-generation Viper is designed with a roadster. We believe that the model increased alignment to allow current Dodge car sales subcontracting.

2016 Dodge Viper Roadster Exterior

In the new 2016 Dodge Roadster activated after the performance is a prerequisite for all Zealot Roadster. The new car comes with impressive changes and a reduction in the price that must be prepared to run the deadly vipers rivals meet for their safety by chance.

2016 Dodge Viper Roadster Engine

The new roadster engine will releas with 8.4L V10 20. The engine output to 640 horsepower and 600 pounds of torque is adjusted with valves. With huge production trainees also excellent performance should be expected.

In less than 3.2 seconds, the new 2016 Dodge Viper Roadster 0-60 mph and reach only 7.6 seconds per hour 100 miles ran. The maximum speed is limited to impressive acceleration to 190 mph.

2016 Dodge Viper Roadster Premium Engine Power

The new Dodge Viper Roadster Assessment 2016 estimated fuel economy is reasonable and EPA about 12/19 city / highway. And unlike most of its promising rivals, Dodge offers a manual gearbox with six speeds and driving the rear wheel, giving the driver truly a unique feeling.

Concept and specs

New roadster version is a coupe model. It will certainly keep your work and assertive athletic body. It is also finely fitted with fine materials and provide a comfortable ride, so almost everyone wants to buy this sports car.

Dodge viper acr roadster

Other trim levels in the Dodge Viper GTS and GT include in its base. The base model comes with features like the camera, the 18 “wheels, electric mirrors, system 12 surround speakers, new vinyl wrapped center console and seats, electronic stability system 3 modes, button, power adjustable pedals and other start.

Interior design

After the unspecified sources, he hit against the possibility of a new platform for the new Roadster, so buyers should expect more inspiration comes from Dodge.

2016 Dodge Viper Roadster Premium Interior

Another important change is the significant weight savings. The company has also decided that most of the parts are shipped from America, because this can significantly reduce the production costs and repairs.

Price and release date

2016 Dodge Viper Coupe Price Specs

2016 dodge viper roadster will likely face seems the only American competition the convertible Corvette Z06. Although no official announcement or information about pricing or release date possible, of course, betting that the new Roadster will reach theaters next year by about $95,000.


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