Back to Post :2016 Mazda Rx 8 Will be Released Shortly

2016 Mazda RX8 Concept

2016 Mazda RX 8 is finished and will be released shortly. According to sources well, the latest generation of the Mazda RX-8 will be made by the rebirth of the press. It has been widely speculated that the new vehicle is based on the MX-5 Miata early next drawing. 2016 Mazda Rx 8 is expected that the frame of the new vehicle are likely to be amplified is its efficient operation, to ensure due to the increase in production. It is also assumed that the vehicle remains in approximately 2888 lbs weight limit now. Experts presented and well-placed sources have shown that the vehicle made its world premiere next year. There are suggestions that the vehicle could undergo a change of plate, but the information remains a mystery so far, but we know that the release date of the vehicle is likely to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Mazda Cosmo, United States. The 2016 Mazda Rx 8 will come with some major changes in almost all aspects, including the engine. And speaking of the engine, the famous rotary engine, will most likely be replaced by a SKYACTIV. Keep abreast of the review of the most important details of the new Mazda RX-8.

2016 Mazda Rx 8 Engine

The engine is widely believed linked to the considerable increase in the philosophy of SKYACTIV Mazda design language in preparation for the RX-8 replacement day. Auto insurance is expected that the high compression ratio and a low weight leads to increase to higher speeds and lower fuel consumption. In the three tips of each rotor are new and innovative packaging that will be essential in the support of the above properties. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission equipped with 6-speed manual transmission, which can produce at an incredible expense 9,000 / min to 232 hp.

Interior & Exterior

Reliable data on what to expect in the cabin, the vehicle will certainly come with futuristic designs and technologies. It will wait with the high speed of the car based on the extended version of the next MX-5 Miata next generation. The new Mazda process of the chassis is subject to handle the increased volume increases energy production. The house, however, are equipped with high-quality materials for the base model to fight.

New Mazda RX-8 2016 Price and Release Date

Placed sources informed that the auto giant speculate that the vehicle with a price of about $ 33,000 will come to the base model. The release date of the new Mazda RX 8 vehicle remains a mystery to most, as the automaker has no information to the public unpublished, however, say the rumors hit the nearest vehicle market in the next year.