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2017 BMW i8 Top Speed

2017 BMW i8 Top Speed

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BMW i8 is one of the largest automotive. I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that, but between BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mini, they have a strong umbrella.Over the years BMW has switched to electrically assisted steering and all sorts of technology to aid the driving experience. Personally, I don’t like all the green technology and talks of making full electric cars to take over the world. While I do understand all the great reasoning behind it, I want to hold onto my big V8s and V12’s as long as possible.Even while there are Ferrari’s that are less quick than a Tesla, I’d take the Ferrari any day. And rightfully so. Combining a Prius and an M4 or an M6. With that, there are an endless array of drawbacks and advantages that the 2017 BMW i8 must go through. So this is worth some exploration.

BMW i8 Exterior

Anywhere where you happen to find it, the BMW i8 seems to just look so futuristic and like a spaceship. I love how futuristic and daring the BMW designers made the 2017 BMW i8’s front end. The sports car silhouette continues into a beautifully sloped roof line that is super low and makes the car look super sleek. From the side, you’ll also notice how the roof line kind of falls off the side of the car at the rear and kind of comes together with the rear fender. This bit of space in between the roof line and the fender creates a wind tunnel for air to pass through. Aerodynamic trickery. It looks more like a normal passenger car from the back. Everything else is lovely. Overall, the daring and stylish design of the 2017 BMW i8 is absolutely stunning. It looks like a proper futuristic sports-car-half-super-car.I tried to think of more articulate ways to say it, but the interior of the 2017 BMW i8 is just nuts. A ton of concept cars come out every single year with crazy looking interiors and of course, none of them actually turn out to look like their concepts when they enter production. Immediately looking at the interior of the i8 begs you to open your eyes and gasp. BMW features their latest i-Drive system in here as well. There are some things on the inside that are a bit normal. The interior of the 2017 BMW i8 is very exclusive. Mainly because it doesn’t look like any other BMW model. One con in here is that the windows don’t roll down all the way. But I’m sure you can get over that. What that means is when you’re driving along, the speakers in the cabin produce a recorded V8 engine sound that isn’t actually there. I could make an entirely separate article about why that’s an issue.

BMW i8 Performance

There is a total of four power plants at work for the 2017 BMW i8. Two electric motors up front, a motor in the back, and a small 1.5 L three-cylinder engine in the back of the car as well. The 2017 BMW i8 weighs almost 3,500 pounds which mean it is heavy, but BMW also knows how to engineer cars. The driving experience is very interesting. You don’t feel the weight of the car, and 350 HP means you can go from 0-60 in as little as 4.4 seconds. Proper sports car territory. In eco mode, the car is front wheel drive with two electric motors up front and a 2-speed transmission. How cool is that?

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