2018 Alpine A110 Cup Racing Car

2018 Alpine A110 Cup Racing Car – World Rally Champion in 1973, winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1978 and world champions in the LMP2 category last season in the FIA ​​WEC, won the success of the Alps in motorsport have a special place in the hearts of racing fans. The brand has also attracted the interest and enthusiasm of many amateur drivers who enjoy driving cars that are attractive, lightweight and easy to handle. In this sense, and respect for this alpine tradition has decided to A110 Cup, which will be its debut in 2018 on the circuit.

In order to make this new adventure a success, Alpine Signatech commissioned the design, development, production and sale of the A110 Cup. Led by Philippe Sinault organization (WEC) for the operation of the A470 alpine in the FIA ​​Endurance World Championship responsible, also has extensive experience in the development of racing products to the customer.

In collaboration with the engineers who designed the production car, Signatech designed the racing version with one main goal: as much as possible to offer drivers, whether beginners or advanced.

Equipped with a precise chassis, a 270 hp engine with a weight of 1.050 kg (3.9 kg / PS), uncompromising safety features and the kind of embedded electronics, which is often considered a prototype of endurance, the Alpine Cup A110 promises an impressive performance,

On sale at the price of € 100,000. Tax (about £ 90,000), the Alpine Cup A110 will compete, rigor and professionalism and a warm and friendly approach. The Alpine Europa Cup will be organized by Signatech in six rounds in 2018 and will visit six of the largest racetracks in Europe. This international FIA series commemorates the European Cup between 1985 and 1988 with the Alpine GTA V6 Turbo.

Drivers who want to participate in the Alpine European Cup must show their interest as soon as production is limited to just over twenty cars in the first season.

Bernard Ollivier, vice-president of the Alps: “The fact that we have created the A110 Alpine Cup for life, and a dedicated competition where we compete, the European Cup of the Alps, is a new proof of our love for the motor sport one. a real race car, a particularly refined machine that is equipped with high-end features that are designed for performance: the participants of the European Cup of the Alps can thus set new standards of efficiency driving a car very pleasant, the competition. the requirements of the Alps encounter that also offer a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the paddock at the rigor of the circuit and professionalism, however. the Alpine European Cup will also be used to reach our fan base throughout Europe “.

Philippe Sinault, CEO of Signatech: “At Signatech are very proud to have been selected for such a comprehensive project from the design office to the assembly shop and the organization in charge of organizing the European Cup team. from the Alps, all our know-how has been used. to the specifications of Alpine at erfüllen.Der Cup A110 is a car without compromise in terms of its characteristics, with a main objective. to take full advantage of the pilot’s abundance of opportunities if you look at perceived quality, search for efficiency, ergonomics, etc. . Before a field is located at around twenty A110 Cup on the Paul Ricard circuit, we still have a lot to do with the development and production of cars is an exciting challenge for both Signatech and Alpine “.


Dieppe Alpine factory built A110 Alpine Coupe monocoque chassis has been modified to adjust the suspension geometry to reduce the vehicle height (-40mm) to provide fixing points for the rolling mill cage and adjust the stiffness of the race conditions. Handle through smooth tires. The design was also managed as part of a partnership between Signatech and Renault Sport Racing, who brought their expertise and computing capabilities to the project.

In the engine compartment, these modifications led to the installation of special spars. connected to the rear part of the rolling mill cage, this piece of magnificently formed aluminum that is made from a solid block of metal, the assembly of the upper transverse swing arm allow. The lower triangles are attached to the two hinged half-frames that support the powertrain.

Three classifications will be drawn up: Overall, Junior (under 25 years old) and ‘Gentlemen’ drivers (over 45 years old). At the end of the season, the top drivers will share more than €160,000 (approx. £142,000) of prize money and prizes.

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