60% of the radars were dismantled by the yellow vests

Many motorists must have recognized this on their trips for the holidays: A large part of the radar devices that were on the roadsides were more in use, due to various deteriorations, While he had been silent on this subject so far, the government responded on Thursday, January 10, and made an assessment of the situation.

About 1,900 degraded radars

According to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner "Nearly 60% of road radars have been mined since the start of the Yellow West Movement.", There are therefore almost 1 900 radars that have been neutralized or destroyed, as there are currently around 3200 devices installed on the streets of France. The minister did not miss The perpetrators describe these impairments as imbeciles, unconsciously or inconsistent, add "I saw some fools on social networks alongside burned radars, and I do not want them to face the reality of a roadside death one day.",

During the year 2018 The anger of the French over the radars has increased significantly since lowering the 1st July the speed limit of 90 to 80 km / h on side roads without Mittelseparator. The phenomenon then increased with the movement of the yellow west born in November.

"The government has not mentioned how these devices should be put back into service"

If it is safe the total cost of repairs Of these radars is particularly high, the government has not mentioned how these devices are put back into service or at what time. In addition, it might be interesting to know if there is a sharp drop in the number of operational radars Impact on the number of accidents and deaths End of the year on the streets. This requires the publication of road safety figures for the month of December 2018.

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