A pickup from a Mercedes E-Class

On the other side of the Atlantic, there did not seem to be any time to wait for the arrival of the new Mercedes X-Class to be at the wheel of a star-marked pick-up. The car we can see here has been reordered by a dealer in the Atlanta area He decided to transform it when he got it,

The E 320 car from 2000 then saw his Wheelbase extended by 73 cm and was cut on the back to get a big bucket while four comfortable seats were obtained. However, the rear window remains the original, while bars have been added to the sides to secure various objects. We finally realize that AMG wheels replace the original wheels,

The conversion would have cost almost $ 50,000 at that timeThis means that the value of this new vehicle after its transformation should be about 100,000 euros. However, it does seem that shoppers are not jostling today to acquire this rarity. In fact, while The car was auctionedthe highest bid reached only $ 20,250 and the minimum price has not yet been reached.

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Nevertheless, this E-Class pickup appears in very good condition shows only 33,000 km on the clock, Not to mention its exclusivity, which is far beyond that of a class X. However, it is not certain that this curiosity is the weight of Question X.

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