A Toyota Prius could be 70% electrically operated

While The majority of manufacturers today seem to rely on electricity In order to reduce the pollutant emissions of their areas, Toyota continues the path of hybridization. And it seems that this strategy pays off, because the Japanese manufacturer today appears as a specialist for this type of drive.

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A very virtuoso hybrid

Toyota has indeed adapted its technology over generations of Prius and reminds us of it today This solution enables significant consumption gains, while maintaining the same advantages as with thermal vehicles (high autonomy, no load during loading). To illustrate these virtues, the brand presents the results of a study conducted in 2018 by Professor Jean-Pierre Ponssard of the Polytechnic School and Professor Yannick Perez of the CentraleSupélec School.

Both men recognized 81 tests over a period of 10 days, on a route that summarizes the three types of zones (city, district and highway) between Clamart, Antony and Palaiseau. The results of these tests have shown that under these conditions The Prius rolls in purely electrical operation to 70.1% of the time and 51.4% of the distance.

If the stop and deceleration phases are removed and only the acceleration phases are taken into account, the results are still impressive, since the Prius still works to 45.9% in all-electric mode. 7% of the distance. Of course, if we take into account Only in urban areas are the results even more remarkableWith 71.6% of the time in which the Prius moves only thanks to its electric motor.

Toyota Prius study

It remains to be seen whether our executives are sensitive to such arguments and whether they are prepared to provide additional support for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. Because currently only electrical and plug-in hybrids are preferredwhile they are more expensive and much more restrictive because they need to be recharged.

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