Alpine A110 First Edition: a used model for sale

If you are looking to buy an Alpine A110 First Edition or just want to avoid longer delivery times (12 to 14 months), you will find the solution here.

A dealer sells a copy of the First Edition (number 1 465) with only 3,300 km. Except that this car is in the Czech Republic and has a selling price of 1 759 000 CZK more than 68 000 €, That's almost € 10,000 more than the list price. A nice sum, even if this release version is no longer produced.

Last April, a similar example was sold with a capital gain of € 15,000. The auction house Bonhams became even stronger on 5 October 2018 by auctioning a first edition of € 80,500 (including fees). It must be said that it was the first copy!

If you are motivated, you still need to contact the Czech dealer.

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