Alpine A110: First vote for the new berlinette

While the new A110 berlinette has been a great success for anyone who has had the chance to try it, there are always some who believe we can get even better. This is the case of the German coach Waldow Performance, who decided to optimize the new favorite of the French automobile in his own way.

The most visible change is natural the bright green paintingwho are dramatically changing the shades of Alpine Blue, Iridescent White or Thunder Gray that we're used to. The huge rear wing attached to the rear adds a little more aggressiveness to the frail berlinette, but loses its natural elegance.

Alpine 300 hp

Inside, we realize that the Alpine has also inherited a large roll cage, which has the same color as the body. The most interesting thing is still under the hood since Waldow got it Increase the performance of the 1.8 TCe block from 252 to 300 hp, On the other hand, the power gain generated by this modification is not mentioned. It should be remembered that the A110 starts from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 s.

A110 Waldow

Finally, we can determine the presence of a Exhaust outlet made of carbon, suggesting that the sound of this berlinette might be as tempting as her unusual trim.

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