Alpine A110: soon to 320 hp, but …

460 hp in the Porsche 911 Carrera T, 486 hp in the Audi RS3, 740 hp in the Ferrari 488 or even 223 hp in the … Nissan Navara Diesel: Since 1997, the English manufacturer Litchfield offers more power and torque models of all horizons when they get their suspension or do not change your silencer.

Ferrari 488 Litchfield

On this side of the canal, Litchfield stands out today thanks to his latest preparation as he looked at the cradle of the Alpine A110 or its electronic calculator. The 1.8 TCe thus ranges from 252 hp to 300 hp (and 320 Nm to 386 Nm of torque!) In stage 1 and will even culminate in stage 2 to 320 hp, which also houses a new exhaust pipe. Enthusiastic about the newspaper, this thrust has to prove itself during the mission …

Alpine A110: 320 hp and then?

The electronic reprogramming itself should not be a (too big) problem for the 1.8 TCe engine: this four-cylinder engine already develops 300 hp and 420 Nm of torque in the Mégane RS Trophy. The query comes more from the gearbox, the Alpine A110 with the EDC7 dual-clutch robotic box, which is different from the Megane EDC6 and should support only 320 Nm of maximum torque.

Alpine A110 Litchfield knows static front right
Alpine A110 Litchfield white track at the back left

The 386 Nm of torque of the A110 Litchfield should also be the reason for its mobility, because the modern Berlinette has no mechanical limited slip differential. These two reasons also explained the short-term improbability of a more powerful A110, as we explained in this December 2017 article.

If the price of this preparation eventually seems appropriate (£ 1,194 or approximately € 1,320 for Level 1), remember that the completion immediately ends the manufacturer's warranty and insurance on the open road.

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