Argus VU 2019 Trophy: The Citroën Berlingo winner

the 26e Argus Trophy the utility of the year returned to Citroën Berlingo Van (tested here in the worker version). He is the third to participate in the trophy show of the brand after the brands 2007 (jumper) and 2016 (already Berlingo).

Like three years ago, this van was in front of his cousin Peugeot, the partner, The two similar models (grille and logos), which were in competition after the second generation transformation, should be differentiated by our jurors according to the criteria of services, the costs of detention and the enthusiasm. In addition, the judges this year should not rate the two models and the Opel Combo Cargo on the same criteria for the ergonomic life on board, for good reason Your driving position is different : classic in Citroën, but with a storage space that points to the driver at the top of the dashboard. with Peugeot instrumentation (i-cockpit) in high position, but with no storage that may be defective on vehicles where there is never enough.

A criterion that weighs …

these Criterion that weighed a lot Berlingo page: 9 points more than the partner. Although four jurors have preferred Peugeot's driving position to Citroën's, others have relegated the partner behind the Berlingo or Combo, whose driving position has no extra storage space, but the option has the "head-up" display (with spreader blade). The other criteria that make the difference are the same as in the 2016 edition: services (very little difference), running costs (cheaper for Citroën than Peugeot but not comparable) and heartbeat

The chevron image

When it comes to the benefits, and above all the van, the rivalry between Citroën and Peugeot is inevitable cheap for chevronwhether in the picture, where to be glorious past Forerunner (2 hp Van, C15) plays in his favor or commercially within PSA or even obviously in the minds of our jury members.

The presence of PSA triplets was deadly Mercedes Sprintermissing on the podium. The high-end Mercedes-Benz vans are in demand in many ways. So he won unanimously the criterion of useful qualities (twelve votes, twelve first places). In the history of our trophy, which is untypical in its choice method, it is not the first vehicle victim to the presence of clones, not even partially.

See the full list of Argus VP 2019 Trophies here.

The 26th edition of the Utility of the Year Argus took place on the racetrack Linas-Montlhéry.

The classification VU 2019

Commercial vehicles intended exclusively for the carriage of goods, the total weight of which does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, will be accepted as such, first presented in 2018 and placed on the market.

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1. Citroën Berlingo Van 366 points

2. Peugeot Partner 342 points

3. Opel Combo Cargo 272 points

4. Mercedes Sprinter 242 points

5. Mercedes X-Class 201 points

The winners

Citroën Berlingo Van

Volkswagen Crafter from 2018

Peugeot expert 2017

Citroën Berlingo 2016

Renault Traffic 2015

Ford Transit Connect 2014

Ford Transit Custom 2013

2012 Volkswagen Crafter

Renault Master 2011

Iveco Eco Daily 2010

2009 Peugeot Partner

2008 Fiat Scudo

Citroën Jumper 2007

2006 Nissan Navara King Cab

2005 Volkswagen Caddy

2004 Renault Master

2003 Ford Connect

2002 Renault Trafic

2001 Mercedes Sprinter

2000 Iveco Daily

1999 Nissan Cabstar

1998 Renault Kangoo

1997 Mercedes Vito

1996 Mercedes Sprinter

1995 Ford Transit

1994 Opel Combo

The jury

This year's Utility Panel of the Year the argus consisted of: Philippe Billona journalist RV magazine ; Olivier Brabant, Valuation Expert at the Argus Group; Damien Chalon, Editor-in-chief of fleet Journal; Jean-Luc Foucreta journalist the argus; Guillaume Genestea journalist body; Nicolas Giraulta journalist Zepros carand Zepros transport; Patrick Gruau, Chairman of the Gruau Group; Jean-Yves Kerbrat, Publisher of; Jean-Pierre LagardeFreelance journalist; Marc LaurentDirector priceand technical values ​​of ALD Automotive, long-term tenant; François Loor, President of Durisotti, Bodybuilder; Thierry de Saulieu, Editor-in-chief of the agency Apis.

voting system

For each of the seven criteria (useful properties, services, environmental qualities, safety, on-board ergonomic life, prison costs, heart rate), each juror assigns the five vehicles by assigning them a rank. The ranks are then converted into points (5 for the winner, 4 for the 2)e…). The final winner is the one with the highest score on all criteria. For "useful qualities", "environmental qualities" and "safety", jury members Citroën Berlingo Van, Opel Combo Cargo and Peugeot Partners, cloned on these points, should be assigned the same rank.

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