Aston Martin Valkyrie: The features of the V12 revealed

This is a car that probably has not dreamed of all sports car enthusiasts yet. Especially in these times when the race for efficiency for the majority of atmospheric engines in the market has come to a standstill. Because the Aston Martin Valkyrie uses an atmospheric block, not just one! It is neither more nor less the most powerful V12 atmo ever mounted in a production vehicle, at the same time keep records of performance and rotation regimes.

The V12 manufactured in conjunction with the Cosworth cube has 6.5 liters, as the Ferrari under the bonnet of the 812 Superfast. Aside from that, when the Ferrari block develops 800 hp, this is the one from Valkyrie announced for 1,000 cha little more, because this power is given in "bhp". The displayed power is closer to that of a competition engine 153.8 ch per liter, Reminder: The record of a production vehicle with atmospheric block was until then the Ferrari 458 Special with 134.4 ch / l.

A V12 song at 11,000 rpm!

More information on this technical sheet will give you the headache of Maximum speed, announced at 11,100 rpmwhile achieving maximum power at 10,500 rpm. Again, we've never seen a motor-series engine so high, even though the term "series" remains relative to such exclusivity. By comparison, the V12 6.3 stopped a Ferrari Laferrari, which is already exceptional in this form, at 9,250 rpm. And for those who wonder what sound produces such a mechanic, the short video from Aston Martin gives a brief overview.

The announced maximum torque seems to be a bit more usual with 740 Nm. However, this value remains 22 Nm higher than the V12 of the 812 Superfast. Of course, outside the block, the cylinder heads and cylinder head covers that have been molded are the majority Parts of this V12 were made of solid materials and let him show a mass of only 206 kg. In other words, a featherweight compared to its engine power.

Aston Martin Valkyrie V12

Finally, we must not forget that the performance and torque reported today only apply to V12 Enhanced thanks to the hybrid system that will be connected to him. Suffice to say that we can not wait to hear more!

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