Audi e-tron compact SUV: The electrical equivalent of Q3 comes in 2021

Methodically, Audi uses its electric model range. First work: theAudi e-tron just got into concession. It will be supplemented in 2019 by a variant of the SUV Coupé: theAudi e-tron Sportback,

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Then the four-door coupe Audi e-tron GT – preview of a concept car at the Los Angeles show – 2020 will cover this high-end offering developed in collaboration with Porsche.

Soon an electric "Q3"

Audi Q3
Audi Q4

The reputation of its power supply according to a strategy have been set from top to bottom, similar to that of Tesla (Model S and Model X) Audi will continue with a cheaper model in 2021 and generate higher sales. It will be a compact SUV, which will be the electric equivalent of the Audi Q3 (4.49 m). This model was developed in collaboration with Volkswagen and is based on SEM modular technical platform, This fourth 100% electric model could be announced in 2019 by a concept vehicle. In addition, this "baby e-tron" should not be confused with the future Audi Q4 – the derived coupe of the Q3 – which is powered by thermal and hybrid engines.

From 2022 the starts will be doubled. The range will therefore range from four to twelve models by 2025.

To show what this future electric compact SUV could look like, our colleagues from the site in Spain crossed one another's genes Audi e-tron shortened with muzzle, full of calenderAudi e-tron GT, We will see next year whether this aesthetic postulate is in the truth … or not?

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