Audi TT 2019 Price: from € 41,200

The redesigned version of the Audi TT introduced in summer 2018 can be ordered from now on. the Aesthetic changes remain pretty subtle and mainly concern the front bumper and taillights. Under the hood, however, the changes are more noticeable.

Audi TT 2019 engines

As a matter of fact The powers have been corrected upwards globallywhile the terms were changed to suit the new nomenclature. The 1.8 TFSI version is now called 40 TFSI and its performance goes from 180 to 197 ch, It is only available in traction. With the 2.0 TFSI of 230 HP he has the name 45 TFSI and offers 245 instead of 230 hp. The TTS variant also benefits from a slight power increase of 300 to 306 hp, but is not yet available in the catalog.

With this development, the TT seems to have benefited give up the dieselbecause the 2.0 TDI 184 hp is forwarded a priori to the trap. Finally, bad news for fans of mechanical transmissions, it seems to have disappeared over the entire area All versions are equipped with the S tronic dual-clutch transmission seven reports.

Finished Audi TT 2019

The Audi TT 2019 vintage is only available in two versions, the so-called "TT" and "S line". The equipment is on the first stage TT and includes Audi drive select, five-spoke 17-inch wheels, sport seats, automatic climate control, automatic headlights and wipers, cruise control and speed limiter, virtual cockpit and taillights. LED.

the End S-line Standard equipment includes the lowered 10 mm Sport chassis with more dynamic settings, the 10-spoke 18-inch wheels, the S-Line exterior package, the S-Line fabric upholstery / black leather, the navigation system MMI plus and the Audi Connect.

Limited edition 20 years

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original TT, Audi is releasing a limited edition called "20 Years" in this redesigned version. This is numbered and limited to only 999 copies in the world. Visually, the TT 20 Years is characterized by its 19-inch rims with shiny metallic gray and the stainless steel exhausts with a matte finish. Only two body colors can be selected with this limited edition series: Nano Gray and Arrow Gray.

Inside, this birthday gets a TT brown leather upholstery "Moccasin" with thick yellow stitching Baseball glove as in the TTS concept from 1995. This special leather coating is located on the steering wheel, on the bellows of the gearshift lever and on the door frame. The "TT 20 Years" badges are located on the steering wheel and on the lever knob, while a numbered badge is affixed to the center console.

The standard equipment is even richer than the S-line and includes the Bang & Olufsen sound system, the LED headlights, the Audi Parking System plus and the reversing camera. If this edition leaves the choice between coupé and convertible bodywork for 20 years, it is against it only available in 45 TFSI quattro,

Audi TT 2019 award

The prices for the Audi TT 2019 start at 41,200 euros, the 20-year edition demands at least 64,900 euros. the Cabriolet body has to add 3.000 €or € 3,500 on the 20-year edition.

TT S-line 20 years
40 TFSI $ 41,200 46 600 €
45 TFSI 46 300 € 51,700 €
45 TFSI quattro 48.700 € 54,100 € 64,900 €

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