Bentley Continental GTC 2019: aboard the new Bentley Cabriolet

While the convertibles of general manufacturers have almost disappeared, this type of bodywork remains common among the premiums and is still the mainstay of luxury brands.

Do not be fooled by outward appearance, the long tail holds only a small volume of hull.

This third generation of Bentley Continental GTC Witness that. The English brand has participated in the Los Angeles 2018 Show and prefers to host several small events in Munich, Dubai, London and Sydney. We were present in Munich.

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible is closely linked to the Bentley Continental Coupé, which was unveiled in 2017 at the IAA. This luxury convertible is discovered in 19 seconds, a maneuver obviously fully automatic and can be operated up to the speed of

50 km / h. The trunk volume is limited to 235 liters, regardless of whether the fabric is folded or unfolded. In comparison, the coupe Bentley Continental GT has 358 liters.

Driving outdoors in any season

Bentley Continental GTC 2019
The Bentley Continental GTC is a 2 + 2 architecture convertible.

Once discovered, the Bentley Continental GTC Let the cabin 2 + 2 of the most refined admire.

This four-seater convertible has the sophistication of a luxury vehicle.
This four-seater convertible has the sophistication of a luxury vehicle.

The lucky owners will be able to drive more often because the neck warmer, which already exists on the current model, has a refreshing function on this new generation. No little attention is too good on this level.

And everything is heated up for the first autumn frost: the rim of the steering wheel, the seats and even the armrests. Everything is controlled by the air conditioner to set the inside temperature (or the outside temperature?) To half a degree.

In the rear seats, the backrest is very vertical.
In the rear seats, the backrest is very vertical.

A W12 engine with 635 hp!

Bentley Continental GTC 2019 rim
Standard rims are in 21 inches.

As is usual with Bentley, the market launch of a new model with the finest engine is carried out. so The Bentley Continental GTC begins its career with the powerful W12 6.0 with a power of 635 hp and a torque of 900 Nm. A block that holds the competition, but does not prove to be “more environmentally friendly”. According to the new WLTP standard, it is approved for a combined consumption of 14 l / 100 km and CO2 from 317 g / km.

The eight-speed automatic transmission and the all-wheel drive make it possible to reach 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. It’s a tenth more than for the coupe, but we have to digest the 170 kg due to cash reinforcements. The Bentley Continental GTC is not a Mazda MX-5He weighs some big SUVs with 2,414 kg on the scales. After all, the top speed is 333 km / h, unbelievable!

Fine wood, leather and tweed

Bentley Continental GTC 2019
The Hood Canvas of the new Bentley GTC can be curious with Tweed: so British!

The dashboard of the convertible is like the coupe in the middle of a turntable with three facets equipped. Extensive 12.3-inch diagonal touch screen, elegant wooden front with three old-fashioned dials or solid plate: the customer does not have to decide between high-tech and tradition. Devices that are very sensitive to Asian customers.

Bentley Continental GTC 2019 center console

Bentley can choose between 17 cash levels and 7 colors for the hood – the eccentric (who has the most English?) Will certainly decide a canvas tweed way – and on board 15 leather tones and 8 precious woods are offered. Count about ten skins and 10 m2 made of wood to fill the cockpit. Adaptation: at Bentley we know …

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