Bluecar: Autolib for sale for 4 990 €

After the sale, which was organized in November by the company "Adieu l & # 39; essence" in Romorantin-Lanthenay (Loir-et-Cher), here comes a new one Opportunity to purchase one of the old carsharing service vehicles Autolib and so afford an electric car at very reasonable prices. In fact, the seller of used cars Auto-puzz in Queven in the Morbihan performs a "private sale" of electric cars and offers BlueCar for the price of € 4,990.

If all proposed BlueCars are sold at the same price, Their condition and mileage are variable according to the vehicles. The warranty period for a car is six months. A warranty extension of one year for 313 € or two years for 626 € is possible. In addition, for those who want to change the "gray autolib", car puzzles offers an optional cover, The total number of vehicles offered for sale is not indicated.

A BlueCar from 998 €

If the price of this BlueCar is higher than that sold in November, government subsidies for 2019, especially for non-taxable households, may be increased lower the bill significantly, Because it is of course possible to benefit from the conversion bonus with these vehicles by getting rid of an old diesel or gasoline vehicle. For a non-taxable household that meets certain conditions, This premium can reach 80% of the purchase price, ie € 3,992 We are interested in the Bluecars today. Thus, the purchase price is back at 998 €. For taxable households, this premium is limited to € 1,000.

Remember, however, that Bolloré BlueCar are cars that use a car Battery technology, called Lithium Metal Polymeris different from other electric cars. These batteries need to be recharged very regularly as they can be discharged even when not in use. Not to mention that this deficiency is compounded by the cold. A detail to keep in mind when your car is sleeping outside and you are not using it daily (and not charging) …

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