BMW ETA 02 Convertible: Treat yourself to a new BMW 2002 Cabriolet!

Mythical model of the series BMW, the 2002 was produced from 1968 to 1974 to over 339,000 units. It's not the famed 2002 Turbo version that democratizes this technology that interests us today, nor the pseudo-hunting station 2002 tour, but rather the declination cabriolet. It was produced from 1967 to 1975 and was much less common with only 4,210 units sold.

BMW 2002 Convertible (1971)

Artcurial photo
BMW 2002 Convertible (1971)

Artcurial photo

For the nostalgics of BMW 2002 Cabriolet If you want to bring the retro silhouette in line with modern technology, the German company Everytimer Automobile has its headquarters in Welden, Bavaria.

A Series 1 Cabriolet Base (E88)

BMW Series 1 (E88) Cabriolet front view
BMW 1 Series (E88) Convertible
BMW Series 1 (E88) Cabriolet rear view
BMW 1 Series (E88) Convertible

Just come to your workshop with a BMW 1 Series Convertible (E88) and you can be behind a wheel of an evocative inspired by the BMW 2002 Cabriolet. The project is called ETA 02,

The stern with the round lights too.
The turn signal on the corner of the bonnet is a clear indication of the BMW 2002.
The stern with the round lights too.

The entire body is checked, there is no panel 1 more. All that remains is the windscreen and its frame – which are also much more inclined than the BMW 2002 – and mirrors.

A modern interior

BMW ETA 02 interior view
On the other hand, the BMW 135i (E88) is quickly recognized on board.

On board, the transformation is less impressive, since all the furniture of the modern "BM" have been preserved.

A vintage padding and new instrumentation give the set a welcome retro touch.

For sealing reasons, the mechanism and the canopy of the series 1 were retained as the side windows.

306 hp under the hood!

Both ETA 02 prototypes are powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine rated at 3.06 hp and 306 hp.
The two ETA 02 prototypes are powered by a straight six-cylinder 3.0 HP engine with 306 hp.

Everytimer Automotive has developed two prototypes based on this BMW 135i Convertible, the Six-cylinder inline 3.0 twin turbocharged engine with 306 hp has obviously been preserved. The company claims that the next specimens will be equipped with carbon fiber bodies.

"The costs for the conversion amount to approx. € 70,000. "

An authentic BMW 2002 Cabriolet today reaches a value of € 60,000 when in very good condition. Like the gray model distributed by Artcurial in 2016. However, such a copy is not easy to find.

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