BMW M340i xDrive Trial: A taste of M3

15 years ago from the era of the E46 series 3With the purchase of a simple 320i, the six-cylinder in-line engine got atmospheric right. On his own he justified the purchase of a BMW 3 Series, even if it was not a monster of strength or sportiness. The music of the engine and its velvety operation were enough to distinguish the car from its competitors. Since then, the dictates of CO2 By and by, this iconic engine became the elite of the elite. The 3 G20 series takes a new step in this area. After the 335i was available on the F30, Phase 1, then the 340i, the six-cylinder petrol on the M340i is now no longer available.

The change from its predecessor is not limited to a small one

"M" and 48 more PS. The car introduces a brand new version of the six-cylinder three-liter, whose injection and charge have been redesigned, while all-wheel drive and automatic transmission are mandatory. BMW enthusiasts who swear by the drive and the manual transmission (we know) get their money's worth. We could try this model in the preview on the Portimao racetrack in Portugal, very technical and hilly, long before the start, which will take place in the summer of 2019. That's why our test model is in configuration The American still wore a slight camouflage.

BMW M340i xDrive 2019 prices

At the time of writing The rates of the M340i xDrive are unknown, However, it should not be assumed that high inflation is predicted compared to the 340i F30 that was still available for simple drives and manual transmissions. The new one is also delivered automatically with 18-inch wheels. Our test model received the optional 19 inch paved with excellent Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. After all, there will be no choice between completions since the car will automatically ship in the M Performance version.

It is therefore reasonable to expect a price increase of at least 20,000 euros compared to the previous BMW 340i Lounge of 326 hp, which will be charged with 49,700 euros, even if he would flow in this finish but little. Access. Compared to the current model, an amount of € 5,340 will be required for the environmental penalty 2019, as BMW announces an identical emission figure of 172 g / km CO2, Finally, note that the damping pilot of our test model is not delivered in series, unless BMW France decides otherwise.

Driving BMW M340i xDrive

As already mentioned, BMW automatically equips the M340i with four-wheel drive, However, this has a major portion of the propulsion, which is enhanced by the series assembly of a mechanical locking differential with electronic control. Depending on the grip, this provides a variable locking level that gives the vehicle a more directional curve. Added to our test model damping pilot M. We were able to test these novelties on the track under difficult conditions, with the Portimao track alternately alternating the day of our test dry and wet zones. enough to estimate fifty degrees of tire adhesion.

BMW M340i xDrive Test (2018)
The BMW M340i is very comfortable on the track and plays in the real sports field. The numbers speak for themselves: 4.4 s from 0 to 100 km / h and the maximum speed voluntarily limited to 250 km / h.

We know that the track event is not always convincing for a production car: A good car can make a bad road car and vice versa. In this case, the M340i has convinced itself of the event quite well thanks to an excellent mass balance. Without being radical, it has never made us feel its mass without slowing down, which can be quickly overcome under these conditions. Rather linear, the six-cylinder acts as usual in its beautiful pitch. We were able to try different modes of the stability control system. In sports, the drift allows it to be fairly consistent, perfectly predictable elsewhere in the wet. The level of performance is sufficient so that the car never suffers from a power deficit on the track, which says a lot. As far as we could judge the smooth asphalt of this route, the comfort remains perfectly honorable. Of course, we have to confirm these impressions on the road, where automatic and complete transmissions are more useful.

In the cockpit of the BMW M340i xDrive

BMW M340i xDrive Test (2018)
The definition of the BMW M340i is not yet known, but we already know that its dashboard will be very similar to the M-Sport version (photo) of the smaller Series 3 models: the digital instrumentation and the sports steering wheel will be fine.
BMW M340i xDrive Test (2018)
At the rear, the BMW M340i offers the same quality of life that its sisters achieve very well.
BMW M340i xDrive Test (2018)
The BMW M340i offers a trunk volume of 480 liters, which corresponds to the conventional 3 Series.

BMW M340i xDrive Competition

Audi S4
Mercedes class C 43 AMG
Audi S4

The M340i will not be alone on the track next summer. The Mercedes C-Class C 43 AMG is stronger with 390 hp V6 and a price of 71,699 euros and probably more expensive. Like the Audi S4, which also uses a V6 with 354 hp, the all-wheel drive is used. The price is very close to the Mercedes at 71,930 euros.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
Jaguar XE
Alfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Jaguar XE and the Alfa Romeo Giulia do not offer an equivalent version, with the first not offering a multi-cylinder and the second reserving the QV. On the other hand, Volvo will propose next year a rechargeable T6 hybrid version of the S60 sedan with a power of 340 hp close to that of the BMW. It is also rumored that Peugeot is preparing one GT hybrid version more than 300 hp from his 508th Read Peugeot 508 Hybrid: Two sports versions are being investigatedBut a BMW 3 Series hybrid, which is probably more comparable, is also in preparation.

BMW M340i xDrive review

BMW M340i xDrive Test (2018)

Of course we remain heartbroken when the six cylinders become permanently inaccessible to the simple people. A finding that should not overshadow the qualities of the M340i yet to be confirmed on the road. It is very balanced, powerful and easy to handle. She claims herself as an athlete to do anything as versatile as an Audi S4 and shows more talent for drifting on the track. The tough athlete will certainly be a bit frustrated, as the four-wheel drive and the automatic transmission are mandatory. But for a likely equivalent price, it still has the M2 competition, which features the attributes of an old-fashioned BMW, turbo.

We like

  • versatility
  • power
  • Track balance

We regret it

  • Elite version
  • The ecological punishment
  • No manual transfer

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