BMW M850i ​​Night Sky: from space

While some manufacturers are multiplying the leather-covered surfaces or looking for new exotic woods, BMW seems to have found the material that necessarily makes a car's cabin more exclusive than any other: the meteorite rocks,

The Individualization Department of BMW Individual has indeed produced a unique specimen of the latest Series 8 coupe named Night Sky, in which it is located has inserted this famous rock in several places, The veneer at the base of the center console, the wheel of the iDrive system, the start button and a part of the shift knob are made of meteorite fragments.

We can see that the fragments of this rock have been worked on their surface with a pattern called Widmanstätten. Of course, this type of pattern only occurs when certain types of meteorites come in contact with acidic compounds. They come from elsewhere one of the signs that alien rocks can detect,

BMW M850i ​​night sky

On the M850i ​​Night Sky, these motifs can also be found on the door sills, the central part of the leather seats, the roof top, but also on the exterior mirrors and some details of the body. The central armrest between the front seats is equipped with a variety of LEDs. reminiscent of the "starry sky" this can be found in the Rolls-Royce.

BMW M850i ​​night sky

Externally, this night sky stands out from the ordinary series 8 through its body awakens space in two different shades : a non-metallic black, combined with a blue San Marino Metallic at the bottom. Finally, the Bavarian company used this car for 3D printing to achieve this 30% lighter calipers made of aluminum as standard calipers. However, it is not certain that this will be enough to make the night sky's performance "more meteoric" than that of the other M850i ​​…

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