BMW Vision iNext: A very innovative electric SUV in Los Angeles

If the electrical offer from BMW initially limited to the BMW i3 city car, it should expand soon several models planned for the coming years.

The first will be the SUV iX3, which will be based on the X3 and will arrive in 2020 while the i4 sedan will follow in 2021.

Vision iNext: an electric SUV of size X5

The concept concept BMW Vision iNext does not leave you indifferent.

Finally a high-end SUV nearby BMW X5 Complete the assortment in the same year by its size. The latter is now announced by the amazing vision iNext concept that BMW brought to Los Angeles.

The brand does not yet provide any technical data for this vehicle. However, we already know that the future production model, such as the i4 sedan, will be equipped with fifth generation electric motors as well as very advanced batteries allows him to claim up to 700 km autonomy,

Clean and high-tech interior

BMW Vision iNext

On the other hand, the Munich-based company talks in more detail about the interior of this innovative concept in many ways. In addition to very clean design of the dashboard and seatsThe selection of materials has been done with special care and with an assortment of Woodwork and fabrics with warm colors, The back seat contrasts with the rest of the cabin through the blue gradient and the fabric used.

BMW Vision iNext

This fabric has the peculiarity of reacting as a touch screen and thus can allow passengers to control certain applications, e.g. B. reduce or increase the volume of the music. This technology, called Shy Tech, could reduce the number of buttons or even screens in future BMW models.

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