BMW Vision iNext. BMW reveals its future strategy for 2021

The autrevolution is under way. BMW is the vision iNext, which anticipates several of the brand's future models from 2021. The Bavarian manufacturer will bring this 100% electric SUV with a length of 5.05 m (15 cm more) on the market the new X5), probably under the name iX5.

He also presented his future strategy, especially with regard to electrification. The iX5 is inaugurated a modular multi-energy platform which will be able to accommodate heat engines, rechargeable hybrids and electric models. A reverse approach to that of the Volkswagen Group based on a specific electrical basis (SEM).

Up to 700 km autonomy

Like the i4 (electric sedan planned for 2021), the 5 Series will benefit as welle Powertrain generation designed to reduce manufacturing costs (30%) and weight (20%) by maximizing component standardization. For example, BMW has developed a unique engine-based (rare earth) engine, transmission and power electronics that are flexible depending on the performance of the vehicle. up to 475 ch (350 kW).

Same approach for the battery whose size is flexible. It consists of a new generation of cells (provided by Chinese CATL and manufactured in Germany) that will deliver 50% more power and 25% more power for a maximum range of 700 km. For the rechargeable hybrid versions, the autonomy is multiplied by two or 100 km.

Autonomy level 3

Roadmap for the autonomous driving of BMW

On the way to five-level autonomous driving, BMW will be at level 3 by 2021. This means that the system will replace the driver, but only on the highway up to 130 km / h. Another condition, the autopilot may ask him to regain control. This automation is revolutionizing the interior design of vehicles. The Vision iNext concept offers two driving modes: boost (the steering wheel and the instrument face the driver) and ease (The steering wheel retracts and the screens allow access to an entertainment group).

My favourite place

The large doors opening the counter, the large glass area and the panoramic roof transform the cabin and its access into a rolling lounge. The occupants of the rear seats benefit from their special space, which is visually separated from the front. Who will be without leather or chrome: a premiere for a BMW. They are replaced by Smart says materials (Wood and jacquard), which integrate the controls. For example, it is possible to control some (radio …) by drawing a mark on the fabric.

Simple gestures are enough to increase the volume or stop the radio.
Simple gestures are enough to increase the volume or stop the radio.
The screens are replaced by a support on which the photos, videos ... are projected.
The screens are replaced by a medium onto which the photos, videos … are projected.

Others are managed by the personal Voice Assistant, which is a "Hey, BMW!" ". Furthermore finished the usual screens implanted in the headrests. Intelligent Beam Technology projects multimedia content (photos, movies …) onto an interactive white paper. Expensive technologies that the brand will first use in high-end models.

road map

BMW Vision iNext
BMW Vision iNext

As a reminder, the brand intends to launch 25 electrified vehicles, including twelve to 100% electric vehicles by 2025, which according to BMW account for between 15 and 25% of sales. The first two will be the Mini-e (2019) and the BMW iX3 (2020), which will not benefit from the new platform. Unlike the iX5 and the i4, then in 2021 all new generations of BMW launched. However, not all of the twelve electric vehicles announced will have a specific style. As with the iX3, the entry-level and mid-range models differ only slightly from the thermal versions.

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