Bonus for the break, penalty, technical control … which changes in 2019

A generous conversion bonus

The big change! In the Yellow Vest uprising, the government responded with last-minute adjustments to the conversion premium. Here's the device, how it should work in 2019:

  • The amount of the conversion premium can be up to € 5,000.

    € 1,000 bonus For taxable households that purchase a new or used thermal vehicle, provided that it emits 117g CO2 / km maximum and falls under Crit & # 39; air 1 or 2 granules, a pre-2001 diesel or gasoline vehicle must be before 1997.

  • 2,500 € bonus for taxable households purchasing a new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. The conditions for scrapping are identical to those mentioned above.
  • € 4,000 bonus for non-taxable households returning at least 60 km / day for the purchase of a new or used heat-powered vehicle, provided that they emit 117g of CO2 / km at the maximum, including Crit & # 39; air-Pellet 1 or 2. The discarded vehicle must Be diesel released before 2006 or a gasoline vehicle before 1997.
  • 5,000 € bonus for non-taxable households purchasing a new or used rechargeable electric or hybrid vehicle. The conditions for scrapping are the same as for the purchase of a heat-powered vehicle by non-taxable households.

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A less severe environmental penalty

Malus bonus grid
The amounts of the new penalty are lower than in the previous year.

Many developments are coming this year. The grid of the ecological malus is turned upside down. It starts at 117 g CO2 / km instead of 201 g in 2018. All amounts are different and will be surprisingly lower compared to 2018. The government had initially planned to tighten the scale, but with the entry into force of the WLTP regulation and the rise in CO2 levels, the executive eventually reassured the game and suggested an "assagie" grid, In the malus network, the maximum penalty (€ 10,500) equals at least 191 g CO2 / km compared to 185 g previously.

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Taxed pickups

mercedes x class white

The real novelty of Malus 2019 is the taxation of pickups.

The real novelty of Malus 2019 is the Taxation of collections, Since the 1st In January, they are no longer exempt from the company car tax (TVS) tax and are subject to environmental sanction from 1st next July. Note that this measure applies only to five-seat pickups, also known as double cab pickups (Mercedes class X, Renault Alaskan…).

Technical inspection for diesel

Pollution degree of technical control
The diesel engines have to undergo a more thorough check of smoke transmission than at present.

The pollution reform was postponed again to the next summer after the Yellow Vest. Nevertheless at 1st In July 2019, the diesel should theoretically be subject to one Rauchopazitätstest much more accurate than currently. First, for old diesel: Up to Euro 4 (until 2008), they will continue to reach a turbidity threshold, which results from a calculation by Utac. So no big changes. For some Euro 4 (after 2008) and for newer diesels (Euro 5 and 6), however, thresholds must be met, which correspond to the so-called "plated" values, ie the homologation values.

"Regardless of whether a vehicle has more than 20,000 or 300,000 km, it should not emit more particulate matter than leaving the factory"

Technical control experts are unanimous that the most advanced diesel engines equipped with a particulate filter are paying a higher price than the old, but much less clean.

The measuring method is also checked: After idling, the speed should be at least 2,000 rpm. Once the regulatory regime is reached, it should be kept between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds. Then return to neutral for 5 seconds before turning again. To be valid, at least two accelerations are required, at most seven. According to the information provided by the SGS Group (Securitest, Auto Security) 4 to 5.5% of the diesel should be sent in return because of too much smoke, currently 0.8%.

"Between 4 and 5.5% of diesel should be sent instead of 0.8% to a return visit."

Nothing new for gasoline vehicleswith the exception that during environmental protection several new data are collected and recorded in a database to adopt a future law: CO2 emissions, unburned hydrocarbons, etc. Finally, the on-board diagnostics (OBD) error codes are included in the technical inspection reports.

With regard to the measuring equipment, the opacimeters used should be on the side. Revolutionary point on the machines. They just have to be much more sensitive than before.

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The WLTP standard is fully used

wltp car test
The WLTP will be the only metering method that will be accepted for all new vehicles sold in Europe from 1 September 2019.

the new system for consumption measurement and CO2 emissions should be fully implemented by 2019. But with "if", because France has major concerns about computer nature: the system that can detect the CO2 levels of vehicles is still unable to agree with NEDC (the old method) WLTP switch. Consequence: The CO2 levels are currently expressed in correlated NEDCs, a method invented by Brussels that emits the same car's emissions of 4 to 6% compared to the NEDC. If the WLTP actually came into force on the 1stst In September 2018, the difference would have been around + 20% … The government had repeatedly postponed the deadline and said it could solve the problem by the end of 2019.

In addition to this purely French group WLTP will be the only accepted method of metering for all new light commercial vehicles from 1st September 2019 in Europe. The end of the series must by then be necessarily passed, punishable by the ban on sales. Pending this deadline, these vehicles have since 1st January 2019.

"From 1 September, all new vehicles should report "information on air pollutants"."

Following a European recommendation, Member States must ensure this Consumers are provided with clear information, Labeling in front of vehicles, online configurator: Everything has to be done so that the driver can see everything at first glance. In addition, from 1st By September 2019, all new vehicles would have to report "information on air pollutants" because they know that CO2 is not one of them. This is intended to "educate the consumer and allow him to make informed decisions when buying a vehicle", according to the recommendation of the European Commission.

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Obligatory winter tires in mountain areas

The Department of Transportation has announced that a decree is being developed to make pneumatic equipment mandatory for winter conditions. It applies to 1st November 2019,

"The present draft decree envisages to include a new section in the Highway Code, which allows the prefectures of the departments that are part of a massif to specify this in a list of selected mountain communities in consultation with the local representatives of the local government Installing devices for users "

The 'homogeneity' commitment period, according to the text, is being standardized at national November of the year N until March 31 of the year N + 1 ".

Peugeot 308 equipped with winter tires
Winter tires are recommended when the thermometer is below 7 ° C.

The ministry admits that at points is still working, "The development of the obligation to hold or carry detachable equipment (chains) or non-removable (snow and winter tires) according to the type of vehicle is the subject of discussions with the parties." "New tests on snow-covered roads will be conducted this winter to evaluate the performance of winter tires in various vehicle, load and road configurations and to complement current knowledge about their performance."

To read winter tires soon obligatory

Traffic restrictions in Greater Paris

the Metropolis of Greater Paris (MGP) has chosen the following principle: from 1st July 2019 will be phased out of "polluting vehicles with Crit # 5 air pellets and not within the A86 radius". "This action will have a positive impact on the health of 5.6 million people" explains the MGP. These are 79 affected communities in the Paris region By this measure, which is not imposed on all cities, every mayor can sign the ban on the traffic ban.

Circulating in Paris
From 1 July 2019 traffic will be banned for "Critical Pollutant Vehicles Crit & # 39; air 5 and not within the A86".

To insure the pill, the authorities in the Paris region stated that this restriction would only affect 118,000 vehicles. "Less than 1% of the park in the Paris region", The excellent fleet statistics provided by AAA Data in L & argus do not match this view. 784,300 cars are banned, which corresponds to 15.2% of the regional passenger car fleet. This figure also excludes affected utilities and trucks.

"784,300 cars will be affected by this measure, ie 15.2% of the regional passenger car fleet"

AAA data suggest that some officially circulating vehicles are unlikely to be in service for much longer. Therefore, it is advisable to take these numbers. Next to Paris and its suburbs 15 other French cities or metropolises should make similar plans 2019 to fight against air pollution.

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