Brabus B25: A class A Mercedes has survived

Although Mercedes has recently equipped its new A-Class with a first sports version A 35 AMG, this does not prevent Brabus Create your own spicy version of the compact, The German foreman left the A 250 4Matic version of 224 hp and worked to make it harder both mechanically and visually.

More power and style

The engine then wins 46 ch, to reach in total 270 ch, and thus offers the class A of honorable achievements, with a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 s. Of course, due to its performance deficit, it can not compete directly with the A 35 AMG version of 306 hp. However, it is positioned as the perfect intermediary between the latter and the A 250 in terms of performance and, above all, another alternative. more exclusive for the little AMG,

Of course, Brabus took care of the aesthetic aspect and gave the class A exclusive 20-inch wheels, a rear wing rather bright, but also one active exhaust with four outlets with carbon end caps, The latter makes it possible to vary the exhaust note, giving the compact more character at the sound level.

Brabus Mercedes class A

But it can be inside that this Brabus stands out the most and offers that Choice of several leather or Alcantara covers and adding aluminum pedals, exclusive door sills or exclusive floor mats. The prices of this Brabus B25 are not yet announced.

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