Car Care: Which are the cheapest builders?

Despite the extension of the inspection intervals maintenance for motorists remains one of the main costs. Who, to save his budget, tries to favor car centers, Therefore, the reaction is organized on the manufacturer side, with promotions and cheaper packages (emptying, brakes …).

But when it comes to repairs requiring repairs (electronic failures, mechanical failures …), the natural environment returns to gallop and prices fly off. In this case, for the customers in a hurry to have their car repaired, it is the cold shower. However, if they often ignore the cost of these benefits, we must admit that research on this topic is extremely rare and can not be exhaustive. Collecting all the data from 15,000 garages in France is nearly impossible.

Exclusive barometer

Therefore L & # 39; argus has been offering this barometer for labor prices since 2016. Ant-work: We sent a detailed questionnaire to the contractors, which allowed us to calculate the average cost of each type of service (see below) and calculate an average. Unlike previous years, Mercedes, Nissan and Smart refused to respond. For these three brands, we therefore quote the prices calculated in 2017. On the other hand, DS Automobiles was unable to deliver the numbers due to the recent creation of its new network.

Average hourly rate t1 2018 of the manufacturer

average hourly rate t1 2018 marks l & argus

Average hourly rate 2018 (T1) from cheapest to most expensive

Dacia, cheap until the end

As you will see in the table, our ranking shows big differences. There are several reasons for this: the size of the company, the cost of real estate and employees depending on the geographical area, the requirements of the builders … In short, equivalent services, The distributor in the province will be less greedy than his customers in a big city, As in previous years, Dacia and the French brands are the most competitive. Another fact is that most Asians do not charge a high price, unlike Volkswagen, the most expensive generalist. Likewise, premium brands are subscribed to the last places in our ranking.

Three power levels

T1, Basic rate for routine maintenance (such as draining, changing filters, brakes, tires), which does not require a special tool.

T2, Base price for complex work such as adjustments, mechanical repairs, air conditioning, electricity, replacement of the timing belt, for which special equipment is required.

T3, Basic rate for high-tech companies that require sophisticated tools (diagnostic case). These interventions are carried out by highly qualified personnel


Price maintenance Car maintenance of 29 construction companies

The diagnosis is not free!

When a dealer charges for a breakdown, it seems obvious. For many customers, however, this is not easy. During our visit to a Renault brand in Ile-de-France, the expert was able to see his surprise this summer as soon as he announced the color. "Yes, sir, the diagnosis will be paid from the moment the work is not done at home.", Moreover, it is above all the amount of service that cools: from 98 € for a simple search to 196 € for a thorough diagnosis with partial disassembly and extended test drive. While it makes sense for businesses to take into account the expertise and time of their technical supervisor, this is a great incentive for customers to have repairs done elsewhere in their body with diagnostic results under their arm.

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