Ford Mustang (2019): a high performance package for 55 years

Edward April 19, 2019 2019

Ford is celebrating 55 years of its Mustang, which is still the bestselling sports car in the world today. To mark the occasion, the brand offers a high-performance package in the Ecoboost version. Also discover how the Chevrolet Camaro celebrates the birthday of its rival.

Shanghai Exhibition 2019: the French connection

Edward April 19, 2019 2019

Although Citroën, DS, Peugeot and Renault were in trouble in the Chinese market, they were not empty handed at the Shanghai show. New products include the Renault Koleos and the K-ZE, plug-in hybrids on the PSA, the past and unknown models in Europe. Small guided tour!

Renault Clio 5 vs Volkswagen Polo: first game!

Edward April 19, 2019 2019

The new Renault Clio 5 meets one of its most serious competitors, the Volkswagen Polo 6. Technological equipment, presentation, spaciousness, price. Which of the two is best prepared for a victory?

Toyota Camry Hybrid Trial: Make Your Accounts

Edward April 18, 2019 2019

After fifteen years of exile, the long Toyota Camry returns to France. With only one offer: Hybrid 218 hp. From then on, the choice becomes purely rational and personal: in what sense is it more profitable than a diesel sedan?

Porsche 911 Speedster (2019): Purist's 911 is in New York

Edward April 17, 2019 2019

The long-awaited 911 Speedster will eventually be showcased at the New York show and represents the pinnacle of the 991 generation. The menu features a 502-hp Flat-Six engine, which is connected to a manual transmission to wind up in the wind costs. A pleasure for 1,948 privileged people.