Mercedes CLA 200 review: Our opinion on the new CLA Coupé 2019

Edward April 17, 2019 2019

The four-door coupe from Mercedes sharpens its design and refers to its hospitality, but in this version of the CLA 200, sportiness is not his thing, it is especially appreciated for its comfort, its technology … and the look that others have over its beneficial plastic ,

Auction: A body of the Bugatti Type 44 barn exit

Edward April 17, 2019 2019

Shortly, the body of a Bugatti Type 44 will be offered at auction. Although the estimate of its price seems low, there is a risk that the work required to bring the car back to its original configuration is enormous.

Peugeot 207 and 405 return to Azerbaijan

Edward April 17, 2019 2019

Puncture proof, the Peugeot? The proof is with the resumption of production of the 405 in Azerbaijan by the local brand Khazar. This has also announced the production of a 207 from our old 206+ in mid-2019.

Opel: Stop the production for Adam, Karl and Mokka X.

Edward April 17, 2019 2019

As announced by Opel at the end of 2018, the production of city cars Adam and Karl was discontinued in March. The same applies to the off-road vehicle Mokka X. All three vehicles remain in the catalog and are available from stock.

Lotus announces the arrival of an electric hyper car

Edward April 16, 2019 2019

The support of new Chinese owner Geely seems to give wings to Lotus, which announces the arrival of an electric hyper car at the Shanghai show. The brand also takes the opportunity to introduce the Evora GT4 Concept.

Peugeot 208 R2 (2020): The 208 GTi we could have had …

Edward April 16, 2019 2019

Unfortunately, if the future Peugeot 208 GTi road is going to be electric, its declination R2 set for rallying will be powered by a heat engine with nearly 200 hp. While we wait for the commercialization in 2020, we discover the first tests of this 208 R2 on a closed […]

Renault City K-ZE 2019: info, photos … all about the electric Kwid

Edward April 16, 2019 2019

The City K-ZE presented at the Shanghai Motor Show marks a new chapter in the history of Renault in China. By the year 2022, the manufacturer wants to increase its sales in the Chinese market with ten, with nine vehicles, including three electric cars come on the market. Here are […]

Renault Koleos 2 (2019). The redesigned version in detail

Edward April 16, 2019 2019

On the occasion of the Shanghai Motor Show Renault introduces the redesigned version of Koleos. In addition to a slight aesthetic retouching, the large diamond SUV welcomes the new multimedia system Easy-Link. The new Blue dCi diesels will be welcomed in September for the French market.

Tesla Model 3: Price for the access down

Edward April 15, 2019 2019

The Tesla Model 3 is now available in the French version Autonomy Standard Plus (415 km WLTP standard), which takes into account the price of € 40,000, taking into account the bonus.