CES 2019. Audi turns the road into a roller coaster

It's a simple idea: instead of going through the street's movements and fighting to watch a video on a screen without feeling sick, you can also use the car's movements to integrate it into a dynamic game. Dive into a virtual reality headset.

Against the evil of the street

A bit like some Formula 1 simulators boarding their passengers in a cabin physically simulating the pilot's own G, but vice versa, because the game that adapts its pictures to the car's movements becomes a ship virtual space. A left turn? Your ship will turn left. An acceleration? The meteorites you cross will run faster. Better, based on the path provided by the GPS, the game sequence is calculated according to the available time so as not to frustrate players with an unfinished, disunited part. The double advantage enhances sensations in an environment completely isolated from the road thanks to the virtual reality mask, and as the vehicle's longitudinal and lateral accelerations accompany the movements observed in the game, heart pain is avoided. So much for the theory.

Total immersion

audi holoride CES 2019

In this project, Audi worked with Disney on the game Rocket's Rescue Run, which we had tested on the SpeedVegas circuit on the outskirts of CES. A night session to delve deeper into the virtual world of the VR Hololens mask used in combination with a video game computer in the trunk of the Audi e-tron demonstration. The rounds are moderately dynamic, but that's enough to see how immersive and entertaining the experience is, without feeling the "enemies" to shoot in spite of the incessant movements of the head the hand held remote control is triggered. The children will certainly love it, but it remains to know which sensations are achieved under normal road conditions, less pleasant and soft. In any case, Audi and Disney seem to be believing that they have started a startup to develop this project, Holorun, with the idea that the time gained through fun activities aboard will increase the equivalent of 25e Hour to a day.

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