CES 2019: Byton completes the interior of his electric SUV

" The production car is even better than the concept! "With great confidence, Benedict Jacob presents the interior of the M-Byte series, which was presented as a concept at the same CES show in Las Vegas a year ago – which other place should you imagine for a car whose brand means Bytes on wheels ?

Heart of the interior gigantic 48-inch high-resolution screen Who takes up the entire dashboard, is still there, supported by 7 additional screens. It will be standard entry level with the ambitious price of $ 45,000 for the launch at the end of 2019 in the Chinese market, followed by the United States and Europe in 2020. In the dashboard, it will have an in-dash Steering wheel integrated screen controlled in a fixed hub or via the screen located between the front seats, which is accessible to the passenger. Gesture and voice commands with Amazon Alexacomplete the range of possible interactions with this huge display graphics, which has been voluntarily simplified in a home OS, including a smartphone application that captures all interactions outside the vehicle.

Embedded artificial intelligence

Benedict Jacob

We must reassure buyers who will not be just millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000 and very sensitive to new technologies). The inevitable embedded artificial intelligence gets to know the usual passengers identified by face recognitionand it will propose them to itineraries or even reservations of restaurants adapted to the moment Remote updates, In terms of security, the manufacturer states that its servers are located on every continent, in Europe, ie for vehicles that move here. The connectivity is ensured by antennas that can accommodate the future 5G.

As far as the sophisticated crossover exterior design is concerned, but it is quite classic, it is reassuring:

"People are willing to ride in an electric car and be connected, but you can not create an ocean where you feel lost, it has to be an automobile, we have to stay in the canon of the genre and not create new species," says the French designer.

The manufacturer is currently specifying a few technical details, except that the M-byte is ready for use in its high-end versions Level 3 autonomous drivingthat is proposed in two versions (batteries with 71 or 95 kWh for 520 km autonomy-NEEDC for this last and a charge of 80% in 30 min with a fast terminal) with 1 or 2 engines and traction this last case.

The production model was soon presented

Next steps: The revelation of the full production model in China before the summer of 2019 and the start of production at Nanjing's brand new factory, just 39 months after the project began. Its capacity is 300,000 units per year. In 2021, the M-byte will be supplemented by the K-Byte sedan, whose concept is represented at CES in Las Vegas, followed by a third model in 2023.

"A story to follow in the hope that it will be more concrete than other comparable projects"

Great ambitions for that Startup founded by former BMWsthat have recruited many experts from the automotive and high-tech industries while the brand Partnerships with Faurecia, Bosch or FAW for the industrialization of his first model. A story follows, in the hope that it will lead more concretely than other comparable and already eligible projects such as Faraday Future or Lucid Motors.

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