Christmas 2018. Which electric scooter do you choose for less than 600 €?

They have flourished in the big cities in recent months. They annoy taxi drivers and pedestrians. You can drive up to 25 km / h and 20 to 30 km noiselessly. They have become the new means of transport for many city dwellers. You are the electric scooterNaturally. You want to buy one, but you are not able to see the many existing models? No panic! the argus has selected four recommendable electric scooters that are available for less than 600 euros.

Xiaomi M365i (less than 400 €)

Xiaomi M365i

This is the most popular electric scooter in France. Two reasons for this: it's affordable (less than $ 400 on Amazon and the Darty website) and it's the model used by the self-service Roller Bird company in Paris. It is characterized by a very sober design (available in black or white) and a disc brake at the rear to stop quickly in an emergency.

The engine built into the front wheel allows smooth acceleration and reaches a speed of 25 km / h. The manufacturer specifies a range of 30 km, which can vary depending on terrain and weight. Another advantage of the Xiaomi M365i scooter is the ride comfort thanks to the tubular tires. The downside is that these tires can burst. And their change turns out to be a real test.

  • Most : Price, comfort and handling, soothing braking
  • The fewest : Puncture hazard, no screen displays speed

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Ninebot Segway ES1 (less than 400 €)

This Segway scooter takes on the characteristics of the Xiaomi M365i (the two companies belonging to the same group), but is characterized by indestructible solid tires. If the comfort leaves springs, thanks to the suspension in the back is still correct. This scooter is rather light (11.3 kg) and has three operating modes (speed limit, standard and sport).

At best, it can run at 20 km / h and has a range of 25 km. We only regret the lack of efficiency of the electric brake, which enforces the foot brake (on the rear wheel).

  • Most : On-board computer screen, puncture-proof tires, customizable lighting
  • The fewest : bad braking

TecTecTec TPR02 (599 €)

Launched on the French market in the fall of 2018, this scooter is more expensive than its predecessor. But she stands out in many ways. Starting with the big 10.5 inch (10 inch front) wheels for better comfort. The acceleration takes place at the foot and not over the handlebars. Finally, the engine is in the rear wheel, making it easier to handle. We also appreciate the presence of a brake disc and the ability to limit the speed

12 km / h thanks to different driving modes.

  • Most : Foot acceleration, big wheels, engine in the rear wheel
  • The fewest : No screen displays the speed

Urban Glide Ride 80XL (less than 400 €)

This scooter is suitable for 120 kg and has a double suspension to cushion the impact of the road. Thanks to its folding handles, it does not take up much space and is therefore easy to transport by public transport. Especially since this scooter is quite light (11 kg). His battery

6 600 mAh has a maximum range of 25 km and can be recharged in just 3 hours. Finally, we appreciate the color screen with lots of information such as speed, remaining battery life, or distance traveled.

  • Most : light weight, multifunction color screen
  • The fewest : Wet grip, limited engine power (250 W)

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