City toll: The government decides to give it up

In the first version of the text of the Mobility Act, a possible introduction of congestion charges in some of the largest French cities was mentioned last month. This measure was intended Limiting car traffic within cities and thus combating pollution,

The price was then fixed at 2.5 euros or even 5 euros for cities with more than 500 000 inhabitants. These urban tolls has been around for a long time in certain European citieslike London or Milan.

Do not stress the breaks between the territories

However, we learn today that the government has decided to do so Enter this action and remove it from the bill, The reason for this backtracking would be not to emphasize the anger of the French and especially the movement of the yellow west. A spokesman for the Department of Transportation spoke of the government's desire not to take the risk "To emphasize the breaks between the territories".

This fear of breaking down urban centers with metropolitan areas was apparently that of many major cities. Also a great one The majority of the cities surveyed expressed no interest in such a measure., From there to say that it is more the mayors than the government who have decided to give up the city tolls …

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