Comparison test: Aston Martin Vantage vs. Jaguar F-Type, the game!

Of course there is the fluctuating gas price, the exponential taxes and the falling speed limits. But life is strangely beautiful for the car lover. Beautiful, thanks to the tremendous stubbornness of passionate construction workers who, disobeyed by the laws, demonized by the media, resist and resist continue to produce works of art on wheels, We will never be able to offer it to you? And then, when we see them passing, it's enough to wake up our smiles, to imagine how we drive them, to immortalize them on our smartphones, to admire them alone or with friends in the evening.

In this little game, the Jaguar F-Type introduced in 2014 caught everyone's attention. But the "it was before" that the new Aston Martin Vantage will be invited to the same ring. A long autoclave dome. Boom shortened to the maximum. Huge wheels. And then the Grail: this majestic rear part that turns his father into an automotive artist. In view of this, we assure you: our eyes will be dry by not letting them blink.

Aston Martin Vantage
Jaguar F-Type SVR gray static front right
Jaguar F-Type
Aston Martin Vantage gray left rear left
Jaguar F-Type SVR gray static rear left

After that, if the two Englishmen are, if their length is equal to 1 cm, if their engines drive eight cylinders in V, if the F-type designer, Ian Callum, is also the draftsman of the Vantage … old generation, it seems quickly that the Aston Martin and the Jaguar do not collect the common points.

The Vantage chip V8 4.0 Biturbo 510 hp At Mercedes-AMG, the coupling to an automatic transmission ZF eight-speed remains and remains a simple drive. The F-Type SVR uses one V8 5.0 compression of 575 hp Compressor with compressor, uses a standard four-wheel drive and remains the flagship of the series, which starts with only 4 cylinders, 300 hp and 60,770 euros. The opposite of the Vantage, including this 510 hp V8 version, provides access to the Aston Martin Universe.

Aston Martin Vantage vs. Jaguar F-profile

Then come versions sharpened, certainly more powerful … and probably V12, but if the Vantage has one day borrowed from his big sister DB11. "Small" Vantage, "Fat" F-Type, and here are our two English language skills comparable in terms of benefits and rates: 155,294 € for the Aston, 143,460 € for the Jaguar (see features and surcharges for gray cards on page 5), The presentations are complete, we are ready to engage in serious matters.

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