Eleven new BMW 5 Series E34 found in a garage

Here are cars that many fans of Yougtimers would like to see in classifieds! In fact, a stock of eleven BMW 5s from 1994 was found in Bulgaria, and the most surprising thing is that these cars are new. Although some are no longer fresh, They have never been registered and therefore have almost zero kilometers.

The explanation for this disuse is that they were bought by a landlord who could never register them. The problem is that today, she can no longer be registered as new vehicles Bulgaria, because pollution standards have become too strict. However, it seems that there is still a way to get them circulating through Germany.

BMW Series 5 E34

This 5 Series comes from the E34 generation and is only 520i and 525i versions, They are all equipped with an atmospheric six-cylinder inline (2.0 by 150 hp and 2.5 by 192 hp) and are mostly sedans (only a touring car with eleven cars). While some seem to have better protection for their bodies than others, the interiors are a priori intact and the seats are still covered with covers.

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