Ferrari SP3JC: a unique copy of the V12 roadster

Ferrari has got used to it in the last decades regularly release exclusive versions of the big GT V12 engine, It began with the 550 Barchetta from 2000, a variation of the 550 Maranello, followed by the 575 Superamerica 2005, SA Aperta 2010 and F60 America 2014, each derived from the 575M Maranello, 599 GTO and F12 Berlinetta. Over time, the rarity of these models has increased, and while 559 copies of the 575 Superamerica were produced, Aperta SA was limited to 80 copies, while only ten F60 America were released from the factory. Maranello.

Ferrari 575 Superamerica (2005)
Ferrari F60 America (2014)

Of course, the fans of the brand have been waiting for some time for a version of the 812 Superfast convertible, which would be part of this prestigious line. just The strategy of Ferrari does not seem to be as predictable as before… In fact, last summer we were surprised to discover the two tablets Monza SP1 and SP2 that are as exclusive as they are radical. And when they push V12's good 812 hp 810 hp, they decorate themselves with an unprecedented neo-retro dress, the most beautiful effect.

A pop art inspired V12 spider

Today, the dancing horse company surprises us again with the presentation of the SP3JC. This cabriolet sports a amazing white and blue two-tone painting Underlined by yellow keys is the result of an order from a privileged customer. Based on the F12tdf, she of course again the V12 6.3 of 780 hp, however, is adorned with a special body inspired by the Pop Art movement, as the owner desires.

Ferrari SP3JC

So the grille is pretty amazing in its design and alters what is known about the branded products, while the back can remind of Aston Martin Vantage and Vanquish, the Zagato framed with its round optics dug out a black part. We notice that too The front cover has transparent elementsto admire the V12.

Inside the leather upholstery that covers the seats and dashboard, the blue tints on the front of the vehicle are restored. If the brand says nothing about It is likely that the car has a cloth lace and no swinging glass roof, as was the case with the 575 Superamerica.

Ferrari SP3JC

Ferrari does not announce the price of this car that remains a "one shot" anywayLike the 2014 F12 TRS or the SP38 introduced last spring. It remains to be seen if the brand has planned to release a searchable version of the 812 that is somewhat more diffuse and can perpetuate the tradition in a less confidential manner than this unique SP3JC.

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