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While the fourth-generation Ford Focus was launched in September last year, it is due to see the offer complemented very soon a first sports version bearing the ST label, Photos of a car without camouflage, forwarded by our colleagues Motor.esWe even suggest that his presentation could be imminent.

The car, which here bears the orange hue characteristic of Focus ST of the second generation, is adorned with one Body kit pretty close to the one we already know ST-Line ready, The front bumper is characterized by its black inserts that make it slightly more aggressive while the background optics look blacked out.

On the back we notice the two double tailpipes around an a diffuserAnd the imposing black spoiler with a view of the tailgate. Inside, we find Recaro bucket seats that seem to be upholstered in leather and Alcantara.

Mechanical box and 290 hp?

Mechanically, the Focus ST should speak against the old version of 250 hp and could accept that Block 2.3 Ecoboost of the Mustang, which offers 290 hp and 440 Nm. A power level that would ideally place ahead of the Renault Megane RS, Peugeot 308 GTi and Seat Leon Cupra. Finally, the presence of the traditional gear lever confirms that the ST remains true to the manual gearbox.

The question is, if this new compact sport we will be presented. One thing is for sure, no need to wait until the Geneva Motor Show, since the company in the oval will not be ...


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