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Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Release Drag Race

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Release Drag Race

Independent rear suspension of the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet can make a better car all over the earth, but not a single stretch of road where the fixed shaft is still king - and a quarter of a mile long.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Release Dates

Drag racing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that a Mustang Cobra Jet is published 2017 Model. It will expand and update the latest racing model that was launched in 2013 to life, as it improved in many ways. The introduction of Ford Mustang cars for drag Consulting became the first in the 1960s and has since Eve remained a model that defines the appearance of the race. managed Immediately after its launch and after its debut in the car, make NHRA Winter Nationals, held in Pomona, California to win in the season 1968th.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Spec

2017 Ford Mustang King Cobra Jet unveiled at SEMA Show 2015 is a factory built race cars that can go from merchants to the band. He was stripped, then built again in 8.50 seconds with roll cage, fuel cell, Corbeau racing seats, harnesses 5 points, 3-speed automatic transmission and a coilover suspension.very largely Cobra Jet engine straight from the parts shelves Auto Parts Ford With proven components, are durable, efficient and well designed. Additional power modules can in the Ford Performance Parts catalog.

Ford Mustang Cobra Interior

The interior of the Mustang Cobra Jet has all the inclusions of the latest model Ford Mustang. It has all the features that have been added for road vehicles and takes a lot of them and with the stroke of the necessary functions and components combined that made the list here.Parts that have been transmitted from the vehicles include panels on the dashboard, center console and doors, which are identical to the above mentioned model Mustang. Of course, this would not be a racing car as without parts be required to race, so we will get a certified roll cage NHRA 8.50 seconds. Hot Review : Recent 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Release Date, Specs, Design Interior & Prices

Ford Mustang Cobra Exterior

What the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet for him in terms of his appearance is taken out of the Mustang road version, the combination of the old model and a lot of things. As Ford has managed to solve his newest vehicle Ford Mustang was not surprising that they are preparing the model Cobra resolve soon after. Keep some of the most important parts of the previous car and hairstyle with the new design and features of the current model of the road, the car grew and gave a very singular kind of a look that is very popular in circles racing.The front of the car has thin tires and bell pines that are a standard feature of race cars. The front is more or less the same as the Mustang road and the difference here is that it removes the light from his forehead. There is also a bar added pony that can be achieved in two main colors. You can either Deep Impact Blue and White Oxford and you can depending on the type of package you get to decide to choose.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Engine

The Mustang Cobra Jet engine is based on the 5.0-liter V8 Mustang GT and shares 75 percent of its parts but a Whipple supercharger parts catalog Ford Performance crush his power to about 575 horses, and a hybrid electric water pump get Ford C-Max for cooling between races.Performance Ford engineers use internal resources to take technology from other parts of the company and their adaptation to competition. The Cobra Jet engine uses an electric water pump Ford C-MAX Hybrid, which allows the engine cooling - resulting in a more consistent race through better control of engine temperature. Dyno cells calibrated resistive strip burnouts and quarter-mile runs simulate the life of the engine to demonstrate, were used.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Price and Release

Mustang Cobra Jet gets its start in the assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, with current production and delivery provides for the last quarter of 2016th.The Cobra Jet Mustang will be sold as part of performance without VIN. The release date is already defined in the model will be available early next year. Guests can request one by submitting a placeholder for the part number M-FR500-CJ from a Ford dealer in North America. MSRP for the base car is $ 99,990. The popular graphics option costs $ 1,995 and a bar with wheels will cost $ 1,995.

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