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A performance-optimized pickup: The thing seems amazing, especially if this vehicle is marketed in France. It must be said that the Ranger is the one best selling pickup on our market and Ford has considered it right to offer this version of Raptor. intended for lovers of exotic machines. Except that the decision to import this Super Ranger was made last summer before the government decided to do so Remedy the tax advantage of the pick-ups until then.

In fact, these vehicles, which were a priori intended for a professional clientele, were exempted from environmental conditions and could therefore become more interesting than the large SUV. But things will change, and from 1 July 2019, the five-seat pickups (double cabins) will be painted like any other vehicle. So the Ranger Raptor, whose The price for France was set at 56 550 €is punished by a Penalty of 10 500 €, Knowing that the first deliveries will be made in the second quarter of 2019, customers who pay no fine for their Raptor are unlikely to be very numerous ...

Prepared for the rally attack

Let's remember that the Raptor Ranger is the most efficient pickup on the market thanks to its RPS Two-turbo diesel engine with 213 hp coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission and his specific chassis settings, It benefits from Fox shocks with long travel, reinforced brakes, special tires or wider wings.

In addition, it has one Field Management SystemThis allows adaptation to any situation according to six modes. The Normal and Sport modes are more street-specific, while the Snow / Gravel / Grass, Sand / Mud and Rocky modes are specifically designed for off-road use. Finally, you can get the Baja mode "An ultimate off-road performance at high speed, like the pilots of the famous Baja Desert Rally",