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Italian Supercars V8 Ferrari Enzo Superstars Series

Italian Supercars V8 Ferrari Enzo Superstars Series

Italian Supercars V8 Ferrari Enzo Superstars Series

Italian supercars V8 review superstars series additional information has had a proud motor industry for many years and over the years we have created a number of a British supercar that took the world by storm. Think of the E-type Jaguar and the high levels of interest that it created when it was unveiled at the Geneva motor show for the very first time.

Italian Supercars V8 - Aston Martin

It had jaw-dropping looks that made ladies swoon and gents dribble at the mouth. This beautiful beast was stunning to look at and was half the price of an Aston Martin DB4. It`s no wonder the waiting list was so long with celebrities queuing up to buy one. Mention British supercars and you can't help but think of the mighty marque that we know and love as Aston Martin.In the 1960s they produced beautiful looking vehicles with models like the DB5 benefiting from the most captivating coachwork. Today Aston is busier than ever producing British supercars and the latest DBS is quite something to behold. So much so that none other than 007 has given one his seal of approval. The UK can still be proud of the motors that it makes and we are lucky enough to still produce some amazing supercars that prove to be highly desirable collector`s items.

Italian Supercars V8 - Lamborghini Miura

My favorite film of all time is The Italian Job and I just adore the opening credits when Beckerman is driving his Lamborghini Miura over the winding roads of the alpine pass. This beautiful motor comes to a rather sticky end after losing a head-on battle with a JCB. I know it was only a shell they used for the crash scene but the thought of it still brings a tear to my eye. The Muira is such a pretty car and its representative of the Italian supercars that will have a permanent place in motoring history.The nose end of a Miura used to get a little light at high speeds, but we can forgive it this minor indiscretion because it looks so amazing. If I had a choice of Italian supercars and money was no option I think I'd have a garage full of modern and classic vehicles. As well as a Ferrari F40, 430 and 355, I'd have an Enzo, Daytona, and 350 GTO.Parked next to these would be a handful of other Italian supercars from manufacturers like Maserati, Lamborghini, and Bugatti. Like fine wines, sporty Italian cars get better with age and it`s easy to see why so many car buffs fall in love with them so easily.Ask motoring experts what their dream supercars would be and they might be divided in their opinions. Some would say the ultimate car they`d love to own would be the Bugatti Veyron, whereas others have a secret hankering for a Lamborghini Countach.

How Do You Class A Supercar ?

What puts certain motors in this elite bracket and leaves others firmly in the shade? Can you class an Audi R8 as a supercar in the same league as say a Pagani Zonda?If you could afford a Mclaren F1 you'd certainly class this as supercar but is a Porsche Turbo special enough to be placed in a garage that is reserved solely for supercars!Moving abroad there's plenty of v8 supercars that are highly appealing. Audi's R8 is one contender that would certainly have a chance in my all-time dream car garage.

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