Jeep Gladiator: the most adventurous pickup truck

It's been 26 years since Jeep offered no pickup, A shame for an American brand These vehicles are still the bestsellers on the other side of the Atlantic, Not to mention that the range has never missed possible basis for such a vehicle. Jeep uses the latest generation of the new Wrangler generation to derive a new pickup that focuses heavily on the terrain.

"It's been 26 years since Jeep offered no pickups in its range"

Based on the Wrangler Unlimited (five-door), the Gladiator brings the same body to the rear doors. However, the rear part is unprecedented and has a long wheelbase to be fitted with a big spoon. Shows a Length of 5.18 mIt is 30 cm longer than the Wrangler, but remains quite compact in comparison to the majority of competitors such as the Ford Ranger (5.36 m) or the Toyota Hilux (5.33 m).

The gladiator is smaller and slightly less generous than its competitors (725 kg payload compared to 1 000 kg for the Hilux). He should not fear people who have once arrived on the streets. Locking differential, electronically switched off stabilizers, 33-inch-specific tires … The Jeep pickup has the entire arsenal to master difficult terrain.

With or without roof

Another special feature: He can, like the Wrangler, in the wind, appreciate the wind Possibility to remove the doors or even the roofThe latter can be replaced by a fabric top.

Jeep Gladiator
Like the Wrangler, the doors and roof can be removed.

Under the hood we find either the Pentastar V6 3.6 in gasoline or a V6 3.0 diesel. It remains to be seen which motor is offered on our market. Anyway, it will take time Wait until 2020 until this new gladiator lands in Europe,

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