L & # 39; argus wishes you a Merry Christmas!

At Christmas there is always the surprise that gives pleasure. This year she was for our journalist Julien Bertaux who got a nice Peugeot 508 GT red. Julien will have a lot of fun driving this 225 hp sedan, which was recently awarded the Argus Trophies 2019 Didier Ric fell in love with the Peugeot e-Legend concept. The gift he had imagined came true!

The last gift that Santa Claus has brought: The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS! With a 9000 rpm engine and 520 hp on the only rear wheels, it should catch your eye Bertrand Bellois, the test leader at Argus. If he is not stolen by one of his colleagues …

The entire editorial team of L & # 39; argus wishes you a happy new year. And make an appointment in 2019 to experience new adventures.

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