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Lamborghini sesto elemento is a extremely lightweight carbon fiber for exceptional performance and transfer. Lamborghini redefine the future of flash sports car with a unique technology demonstrator. With an easy, thanks to advanced technology carbon fiber Lamborghini Sesto Elemento buildings with a total weight of only 999 kg (2,202 lb), including V10 power unit and permanent all-wheel drive. This makes the Sesto Elemento a unique demonstration of technological expertise of Automobili Lamborghini. The innovative carbon fiber here for the first time in the automotive industry. As a 100 percent subsidiary of AUDI AG, the Italian manufacturer also benefited from the undisputed expertise of the German manufacturer when construction.

Lamborghini sesto elemento incredible performance 570 horsepower ratio is very little as 1.75 kg light weight ratio is sensational horsepower and 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) acceleration of 2.5 seconds, Sesto Elemento guarantees unparalleled driving pleasure. At the same time, fuel consumption and extreme lighting technology reduces throughout. The name refers to this technology demonstrator is derived from the periodic table, where carbon is classified as the sixth element. Therefore, the sixth element of plastic experience shows, the worldwide leader reinforced carbon fiber technology Lamborghini (CFRP) for. Super sports car brand from Sant Agata Bolognese is the only automaker in the world to complete CFRP process across a wide range of technologies through simulation, validation, production and testing has mastered 3D design.

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All in the presentation of industrial art that is synonymous with high-quality technology development as research standards. Lamborghini ACRC (research Centre for advanced composite materials) and readers in CSLA (advanced laboratory composite) structure by working with organizations such as Boeing. Insurance “resulting technology Lamborghini Sesto Elemento shows the number of patents, such as the future looks supercar.

Extremely light, combined with the results of extreme performance pleasure from extreme driving our competitors all technological impressive sales Making Lamborghini sesto elemento,” says Stefan Vinkelmann, President and CEO automobili Lamborghini. “It is our ability to technology carbon fiber easier these predictions concepts, and also benefit from the knowledge of light undisputed Audi AG. Systematic lightweight engineering is crucial for future super sports cars of high quality. More active and my technological advantage in our model range Any future Lamborghini crashed in the spirit of “innovation package Sesto Elemento Sesto Elemento engineers with low-emission application.

Lamborghini R & D has developed an innovative package as a pure and radical concept Lamborghini sesto elemento a unique synthesis of an extremely low curb weight of less than 1000 kg a massive 570 horsepower, very sensitive and fast response at high speed, atmospheric V10 engine, traction and greater stability of permanent adhesion on all four wheels – never was also a thoroughbred supercar Sesto element offers an incredible level of riding, focusing on the basis of absolutely amazing use of carbon dinamics. Sistematic fiberThe he said, fiber structure is very strong, strong, strong, lightweight carbon is Monocokue cells through the front frame Sesto Elemento, exterior walls and crash boxes are also made of CFRP.

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The main components of the suspension and the Lamborghini sesto elemento wheels are made of carbon fiber. The exhaust pipes are made with advanced composite ceramic matrix, it was able to reach a very high temperature and place up to 900 ° C, and it also forces the drive shaft ratioThe seem CFRP. Amazing Sesto Elemento demonstrates outstanding experience Automobili Lamborghini in all areas of weighing technology carbon fiber. Carbon composite materials are crucial for the future of the automotive industry, mainly for technology of high performance sports cars. These materials are made of plastic material with a carbon-light in combination with excellent properties, very steep and very accurate.

Lighter cars improve fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: above all to improve the power to mass ratio, a key factor for a sports car and thus performance. CFC built supercar accelerates faster, has outstanding handling and better lightweight braking. Ektreme offers very performance The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has irrefutable evidence; Thanks to its sensational power-weight ratio of a mere 1.75 kg for hp, the concept car offers unprecedented performance. Since the beginning of the Sesto Elemento catapults. 100 km / h (62 mph) in a sensational 2.5 seconds to be completed because the maximum speed of 300 kmh can be called.

I can not give details, but if the hard Sesto Elemento, insatiable in his hand and the braking force large handle. form Uncompromising dynamic progressive technologies from the beginning design Lamborghini Sesto Elemento displays the sensuality of high performance and has the elegance of ultra-high performance and technology of extreme light Sesto Elemento together to create clean energy, clean ndesign everything to create Sesto Elemento Lamborghini design DNA brand is built is located new level and functional consistency of carbon fiber technology into its design language. One of the obvious advantages of CFRP technology is the reduction and integration of components – something that is widely used in high-tech materials concept.

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The innovative technology is visible in Lamborghini sesto elemento. Sesto element is measured in a new transparent layer so that the CFRP structure can be seen everywhere. However, the Sesto Elemento is not just black; In the last phase of production the carbon fiber parts for the newly developed and patented layer. Nano-technology to add fine crystals with a red light. Surfaces covered with this type of red light areas and have a remarkable effect. In addition, the area is particularly suitable robust. Consistent Functionon and Lamborghini, each line has a clear function; directly drive two vertical ribs at the front, for example, rigidity of components and radiator cooling air behind them and improved brakes. This ensures thermal comfort components, including product recall conditions.The flow of cooling air through two red triangular openings in the space beneath the windscreen and through large areas of the side walls behind the front wheels.

Lamborghini sesto elemento significantly reduces the shiny side. Reduce the name of the game, too along with bi-xenon lamps, there are four LEDs in each unit. low front looks very dominant, in part, twice pushed out of the air before a clear front spoiler, side profile intakes. Precise edges The edged corners, the center railcar is undoubtedly right in front of the rear axle, the special relationship begins ports wheels rising along the door towards and the rear ends of the arms of the rear wheel. Triangle as well as around the door handle is a recurring pattern theme, define the precise contour edges in the Sesto CFRP body element. Points for exhaust air in the area of the triangle are the lines along the very broad support roof. The form a bond between the vents behind the front wheels and large air intakes in front of the rear wheels. These components such as the radiator for cooling the engine and gearbox local branches. Margins have five rays and design is made entirely of carbon fiber.

Lamborghini sesto elemento provide a clear picture of the high-performance brakes with carbon-ceramic discharge discs.Perfect aerodinamicsThe Sesto Elemento is extremely short, and vice versa determines optimal aerodynamics. Big spoiler perfectly diffuser and additional air deflector in the center, providing maximum support for creating extreme cornering speeds and excellent stability at high speeds. the supply of fresh air to the V10 power structures plant. Complek large exhaust Pirošica upward force through the hood panel, which includes the ten hexagonal openings and two air scoops for composite structures technology carbon fiber roof Componenta is integrated in the component. This improves quality and reduces weight.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, the front and rear of the body are all in one piece. Engineers called “cofango” created the Italian word “Cofano” (hood) with a combined “sludge” (fender). The main components associated with the fastener elements easily replaceable, allowing quick removal of components. It is “cofango” recalls an icon in the history of the brand in 1966, the legendary Lamborghini Miura was unique as a super-engine sports car – and the lid can be opened in piece. Interior – Shopping boneThe minimalist approach also applies to the inner city. Lamborghini is completely beyond the reach of ordinary seats. In fact, all of the internal structure directly spoofing said car with one hand, the functional role of, and the other is the basic pillow designed with optimal technology of tissue that is attached directly to a carbon fiber Monocokue.

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Good ergonomics can be set in height and reach of the steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted electrically in the longitudinal direction. Of course, the designers of the Centro Stile Lamborghini and inside the vehicle in the classic sense. Visually, the dominant feature over the functional CFRP material – on the floor and ceiling Odnokorpusnih in the doors and center console and cabins. Electronic engine control unit is mounted to see – a very special type of high-tech aesthetic. The triangle-off is also recognized as a design element – when the material in order to control the weight reduction. Process removed in a very concentrated form. Instruments primarily on engine and vehicle speed and the status of all engine parameters.

Only three piezoelectric buttons grace the center console – one to start the engine with the labor movement and reach the finish line with lights. Technologi: ambitious engineers easeThe Sant’Agata Bolognese had an ambitious objective, which should – despite the ten cylinders and 570 ch, despite the movement transmission e. gear quickly, even if the traction permanent four-wheel drive are six elements are assumed to be less than 1000 kg and it has been achieved weight 999 kg for hp V10 engine produces only 1.75 kg, speed – Sensational figure. The systematic and intelligent use of carbon fiber technology, it may take a generation technologies. Lamborghini has extensive experience in lightweight construction, which collected over many years: something clearly show the number of vehicle brand. The current Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera has a dry weight of only 1340 kg, competitive with the best in this category of sports cars of high quality brand. Compared with the already lean Gallardo LP 560-4 coupe, corresponding to a further reduction of 70 kg, mainly due to the use of carbon fiber in the body and the technical inner components.

Lamborghini stuck with that approach Sesto Elemento. The structure consists almost entirely of carbon fiber and are designed in accordance with the principle of self-sufficiency. Ie, the structure monocoque vehicle occurs as support shells, the physical properties of components and enables full implementation of the extreme rigidity of CFRP materials also offered. and regularly clear evidence of safety collision – Formula 1 cars are built decades Monocokue CFRP. Monocokue Sesto Elemento, but on the basis of forged composite innovative technologies – represented the first time carried out in the car. Preferred compounds obtained process. Carbon Monocokue cell elements formed accidentally shot bokesIn game Lamborghini Sesto words Monocokue forged passengers. Along with that, the front subframe – Integration ellipse – and crash boxes, such as specialized technologies that use carbon fiber. The extreme rigidity of this arrangement not only provides a high level of security, but also the safe handling precision. Last slide with engine mounting points and the aluminum rear axle support – lightweight material with which Lamborghini many ekperience. An optimal design with CFRP important element of technology has reached the maximum integration of functions. Therefore, the outside of the sleeve body. Only the roof work, which is part Odnokorpusnih before “cofango” and back cover with integrated components and pneumatic door Each door consists of two elements, external cladding and internal lining which are also constantly connected, and fiber component. Carbon suspensionThe same cushioning and engine optimizes brightness. In addition to aluminum parts, there forged carbon composite drive innovative technology weapons such great speed. These components are 30 percent lighter than comparable aluminum parts. The shaft is made of carbon fiber technology of packaging.

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This solution allowed the Lamborghini engineers to unleash the central municipality provides significant weight loss. The wheels are also made from carbon fiber, while the discs in composite carbon ceramic. Plastic powder and ceramic composite is the carbon material is heat resistant – A similar device is used for the exhaust pipe in the exhaust system. Many of them have special titanium bolts and couplings for aviation sector. Based fit, functional and operational needs of the individual components Elemento Sesto, engineers Research and Development Lamborghini typically selected from the three manufacturing techniques CFRP technology in its toolbar: Forged Connection: here materials with short carbon fibers is heated under pressure in a mold. The process facilitates complex structures and are used for parts such as a suspension lower monocokue arms.Prepreg: carbon fiber mat is impregnated with liquid thermosetting resins. Under pressure in molds and heat treated, and the pressure in the furnace. prepregs components of a very good quality surface, and are therefore preferred for use in the visible areas.

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Braiding This method can be obtained from a compound for the manufacture of fibers from the textile industry. Each thread is diagonally intertwined on different fascinating and surprising heart levels. The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is known about the Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera. Sesto Elemento V10 unit called “longitudinal posterior” assembled – and behind the driver. The output of 570 kilowatts PK equal to 419, which is / min available at 8000 rpm. The attraction is so impressive – with a higher torque curve at 540 Nm and 6,500 postal rev / min and offers 5204 cm3 V10 develops a power of 80.5 kW (109.6 hp) per liter displacement. The advantages of this long-stroke engine with an aluminum crankcase include dry sump lubrication and an angle of 90 degrees War. These two solutions are part of the concept of lighting technology and serve to reduce the center of gravity and thus turn driveability. The combustion chamber filling is ideal switch in the cab and a variable induction camshafts. Best constantly pull chain management with all wheels drivethe Sesto Element e.gear form of a change in control of a vehicle fitted comprising execute a steering wheel. computerized electronic control shifts smoothly, much faster than a person can have a kilometer from the Sesto Elemento to.Everi through a six-speed, pure fascination – due in part to the relentless traction in all conditions provide practical terms. This is mainly due to ongoing system AVD. It has a central viscous coupling limited slip differential with a lock on the rear wheels and 45 percent. Thank you for the excellent traction at the wheel Lamborghini can accelerate plead guilty to the rear wheels cars.

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News Lamborghini experience reinforced materials technology development centers of carbon fiber with carbon fiber. Already in 1983, produced the first prototype CFRP chassis for the Countach contained in the first part of the series, which was published in 1985. Today, Lamborghini Murcielago mainly consists of CFRP – its white body with a 93 kg carbon fiber material. Bell Gallardo Spider is one of the largest CFRP components with class surface mundo.La company cars are constantly working on expanding its leading position in the world. The new Advanced Composites Research Center (ACRC) at its headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese is working on innovative construction technologies and carbon fiber elements in automobile design.The Advanced Research Center in Sant Agata Bolognese it provides a compound of advanced materials research and innovation processes for the production of carbon fiber components for the production of small quantities. There are more than 30 experts develop vehicle components of all shapes and sizes. They build prototypes and production tools associated in the development of optimized production technology. mainly internally developed sophisticated systems allow for the production of high precision engineering simulation and testing fiber texture collision complex carbohydrates.


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