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When we are called Porsche, Ferrari or Aston Martin, the launch of an SUV raises ever-existential questions: Such a vehicle does not betray the legacy of sports brands that have made a name for themselves by winning the most famous races in the world. history Imagine Enzo Ferrari ordering such a project that refused to launch a four-door model? So many questions that did not arise at Lamborghini's introduction of the Urus in 2017. The Italian manufacturer could rightly claim that he was the first to set off with an adventure far ahead of his competitors.

From cheetah to LM002

In 1977, the brand presented the Cheetah at the Geneva Motor Show, a 4x4 prototype designed in response to a call for tenders from the US Army, which was also followed by the famous Hummer. Lamborghini is in a bad financial situation and looking for ways to diversify his business: then he produces the first M1 for BMW. This seemingly crazy project is not just for the military in the eyes of its creators. It is planned right from the start to offer it to Middle Eastern customers, who are overcrowded with petrodollars and lack cruel roads in countries under construction.

From the beginning, the cheetah uses technologies that have never been seen before For a 4x4 vehicle: completely independent suspension, rear mid-engine and plastic housing. The Lamborghini forces are already in focus: The prototype, powered by a Chrysler V8, is already announcing a top speed of 170 km / h, while a Range V8 is proud to reach 150 km / h. The project is slowly maturing and ends only in 1986, when the final model is announced at the Brussels show. In the meantime, the V8 was returned to the Americans in favor of the Countach engine, which went to the front. One of the most revered adolescents of the 1980s, the V12 super sports car: an explosive cocktail unlike any we've seen since the history of the automobile.

Icon of the 80s

The LM receives from the beginning a place of choice in the record booksvery fashionable at the time. What attracts a certain clientele: Sylvester Stallone, Tina Turner, but also Muammar Gaddafi and Mike Tyson have one. A total of just over 300 copies were produced by 1992 with very few changes, if not the introduction of the injection. Suffice to say it is a feat today to find one for sale, of which the transaction rates are quite high: between € 260,000 and € 350,000, as the case may be. In comparison, the € 205,000 from Urus is almost a bargain! It appears in a very different context than its ancestor. While the LM was considered a baroque exception in the world of luxury, Lamborghini's latest arrival is in a thriving market that is sought after by all respected brands.

Once you are face to face, you can easily list the stylistic differences between the two vehicles. The sporty and ultra-sculpted lines of the Urus-Sport are in contrast to those of the LM002, whose tufted surface was designed to hold armor plates. The military origin of the project is beyond question, although no LM was used under any flag. The two still share something: an impressive stature. Although the Urus is the longest at 5.11 m, we have to imagine what the LM002 represented in 1986 with its 4.90 m long, 2 m wide and 1.82 m high. A real colossus, which is also characterized by its impressive mass: 2,700 kg all the facts! In comparison, the Urus appears with only 2,200 kg as a ballerina ...

Two visions of luxury

The LM002 was like the Urus today one of the most expensive production vehicles of its timeHis approach to automotive luxury is as refined as a rambo punch. Its interior restricted by its function is arranged around the huge transmission tunnel, which throws the four passengers to the ends. Beautifully restored from the "Polo Storico" beautifully restored Lamborghini division, which is responsible for the history and restoration of its historic models, premium leather clothing undoubtedly dresses everything that is visible apart from the buttons. But we can only smile when we see the visible screws that fix some elements of the interior, a testimony to the craftsmanship that shaped the production. Despite the size of the machine, the two rear seats offer relative comfort: The space in the head is limited and one sits very straight. We are still entitled to rare modern comfort equipment for a 4x4 of the 80s: centralization, four electric windows and air conditioning! At that time, the emirs still knew that they were not satisfied ...

The technological divide that separates the Urus from its ancestor need not be emphasized. Designed for family use, it offers a real closed box that the LM does not offer as a built-in pickup. And the rear passengers are spoiled, especially in this four-seater version, which offers the features of a sedan: adjustable electric seats in all positions, heated seats, individual settings of the air conditioning ... It is difficult to find a common point between the two vehicles this level!