Land Rover Defender (2020): Back in North America

The announcement is likely to delight American customers who are pure-bred franchisors: the brand new Land Rover Defender, which will be launched in 2019 and launched in 2020, will be distributed again in the United States and Canada, Their predecessor has not been sold in these markets for many years.

However, if no technical details are provided, this information indicates that the area of ​​the new 4×4 will focus on gasoline. Next to the defender will have several hybrid versions in the futureranges from the lightweight 48V hybrid to the plug-in hybrid. In addition, he will inaugurate the brand new Jaguar / Land Rover MLA platform for longitudinal engines.

The British company also reveals new photos and a video that allows us to see prototypes of the Defender in action. Unfortunately, the camouflage of these vehicles is still so thick and does not give an idea of ​​the new aesthetics of this new model. On the other hand, purists will be reassured his off-road skills

Although the photos presented by Land Rover show only a five-door body model, some prototypes that were recently seen confirmed that the Defender would lose weight also in a short three-door versionlike his predecessor.

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