Lexus ES 300h test: The hybrid sedan for diesel change

Do you know the Lexus GS? No? Forget it, it disappeared from the Lexus catalog in France without disturbing anyone. It is now replaced by this one new Lexus ES who will not talk to anyone With the exception of those who will deal with the new hybrid sedan that deserves attention.

Powerful grille and conical lines: The Lexus ES looks good. Our test model is completed in F-Sport Executive for 58.990 €.

From GS to ES, The name changes only one letter, but everything changes for the car. The new ES is based on the common platform with the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and the new Camry. Goodbye, so the suspension and the hybridization of a gasoline V6 GS 450h. The new ES 300h is equipped with the Hybrid electroblock of the fourth generation with a cumulative power of 218 hp and with a chassis (front wheel drive) and without option for all-wheel drive for the ES.

"Lexus ES Hybrid Business heals business rates"

The Lexus ES is a premium sedan with generous dimensions (4.98 m) ahead of the German trio Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class and is characterized by their sharpened style and their coupe-like profile, similar to the LS upstairs. Too bad, it will not be rejected during the break, a body that is indispensable in this segment in Europe (but not in the first US and Japanese markets).

Lexus ES 300h
Lexus ES 300h
Lexus ES 300h

Lexus ES is the only premium roadster to offer classic hybridization while the productions from Germany go in the direction of expensive rechargeable hybridization. This allows Lexus to offer a range of prices between 47,490 € and 62,990 €, In this segment, which is 80% bought by companies, the Lexus ES has an aggressive price level: € 47,990 or monthly rentals of € 599 over 36 months / 60,000 km.

In addition to its low price due to its common elements with Camry and RAV4, the Lexus ES Hybrid is positioned below 110g CO2 / km, which allows this exempt from TVS for 2 years and benefit from a free or 50% registration certificate. These tax benefits compared to competitors who promote diesel fuel and growing distrust of diesel fuel (though this is not always justified) make Lexus ES known to corporate decision makers.

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