Lexus RC F: A Track Edition version for the Detroit 2019 Show

Although currently Lexus is especially famous for its hybrid modelsIt should not be forgotten that the Japanese brand offers in their catalog some distracting toys such as coupes LC 500 or RC F. The latter is preparing a revaluation of the game with a new Track Edition, which will be shown at the Detroit show next month.

At the moment Lexus gives no information about this radicalized version of the coupe. The only teaser that was presented suggests only that the Track Edition should have a sport a special body kitrather suggestive. We can actually see a big solid fin put on the trunk and a priori completely made of carbon. There is no doubt that this should be accompanied by special signs and sills.

A reduced RC F?

The Lexus RC F already has an atmospheric V8 of 477 hp.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the changes in aerodynamics made to this version should benefit as well Facilitate relief, It is true that with a mass of

1765 kg, RC F at the base is not particularly light. Finally, it remains to be seen whether the performance of the V8 5.0 will be corrected upwards in relation to the original 477 hp.

In any case, Lexus seems clearly to target the BMW M4 CS and the Audi RS5 with the new RC F Track Edition The three German premium brands will not be present for the 2019 edition of the Detroit Auto Show. For its part, the Toyota Group will be delighted to present the highly anticipated Supra.

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