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Mako Shark XP 755 Concept

Mako Shark The XP-755 Concept Car for future Chevrolet Corvette - In 1961, the design of future Corvette C2 is almost finalized, but GM wants to test public reaction (Bob and Brenda in mind!). Unsurprisingly it will be very close to the lines of the Q Corvette and the XP-87. But it must be something brand that impresses the average American, a real show car that will be exposed throughout America. According to legend, enlightenment came to Bill Mitchell during a fishing session. It would have caught a Mako Shark (Mako Shark Isurus oxyrinchus, yes, from the Latin on blogautomobile, we go to great) and would have remained admiring the colors and 'lines' of the beast, to the point of wanting to duplicate the being designed prototype. Thus was born the XP-755 Shark (Mako prefix will be added later). This is a roadster with tapered lines on which is grafted a hard top double bubble somewhat incongruous. This hardtop is taken directly to the XP-700 concept from 1958 (which thankfully he will remain without consequences!), One of Bill Mitchell of puppets who believed there hard as iron. Without doubt a little too much bourbon, Mr. Mitchell. The general lines are already known, the most interesting of the Shark is its two-tone paint degraded appearance, taking the appearance of the shark. Also according to legend, Bill Mitchell was rework several times to his team before finally reaching the right gradient, the shark he caught and hung in his office. The crafty, used to repeat again and again the same work would have cheated directly repainting shark unknown to the boss! Other gimmicks own the show cars are scattered by here and there on the car: Side exhaust manifolds with 4 in 1, periscope mirror to the hard top, ventilation grilles imitating the gills of a shark. Small interesting detail: the Shark has no headlights!

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