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Rotary engine will be back in Mazda RX-7 2017

Rotary engine will be back in Mazda RX 7 2017

Rotary engine will be back in Mazda RX-7 2017

Spread out information released by a motor show this new event, Mazda RX7 2017 has been officially announced. No release date has been revealed, but we are confident that the release will come in time as the main news for today is that we will see the long anticipated cars in recent action.Japanese car actually launched the concept for the RX-VISION, the RX7 which will be based on the concept of supercars, making it the perfect introduction to the new Mazda RX7 2017.Based on the news of the new RX-Vision concept flocks, aggressive style and also for the RX7 began on Mazda RX design language in many cars are. This concept car engine and rear-wheel drive were also front sports.There is a big announcement for 2017 RX7 models is that it connects the next motor speed specification engine under the grandstand.There is no obvious reason why the release date has not yet been completed since the engine is still under development. Research and Mazda engineers to prepare for entry Machine Mazda RX-7 lung for next season have done better, and it really depends on the pasta that works will allow us to see the car as soon as possible.Currently available data suggest that the model uses a rotary engine, and designers try to make cheaper and faster than ever before, is the concept behind the design concept of effective fast cars.

Exterior Mazda RX-7 2017

The main idea of producing 2017 models Mazda RX7 RX-VISION concepts are similar. Of course, the production model will go through many changes, from the smallest to the idea of an enlarged detail. already aggressively now seen cars and RX7 should expect to keep the same level of aggressiveness. But before we have properties not that make short production and a higher ceiling at low, but let's see more leeway and the driver's shoulder.This model can not lose as much change of part, while the old design plan, keep the windscreen frame and chrome window. The changes in the other components produced a greater effect on a multifunction radio and door handles production of the front wheels.When viewed from the front certainly will not change significantly. The new grille design is inevitable, while the lamp is updated. The general shape of the front remains the same, but the construction is discussed. Chrome around the frame and horizontal blades, which can be seen in anything Mazda a good time to continue in the new. The lights can change the alignment of parts, it was too exotic elegance, which is not very friendly production. Based on the design of the lights, pull down and monitoring is performed can be adjusted. The label also means rebuilding and maintenance of super good.

Interior Mazda RX-7 2017

The interesting thing about the system of thought that the sound of his 2017 Mazda RX-7 in a clean and friendly scene and change everything could. Changes in the cluster tool, the center console and the door panels inspection occur. There are a lot of buttons and controls are the added amount of major changes in the average experience.The renovation and infotainment on the right side there is a real vision of the crisis. The screen, which is the case in many Mazda vehicles in the evening the hall, he would have to sit. Hide and precious materials that you would like to see the concept of the plant exists. However, it is preferable to drive aluminium inserts and high-quality materials.

Mazda RX-7 engine

Drive Cars Mazda RX-7 2017 is that every customer has a waiting. How to say that the next generation of a rotary motor tangled under the hood of the car. It might not be any data on the engine have to continue to produce, and the biggest secret of the new Mazda RX-7. currently, known information is that the engine will be a great car, and Mazda RX-7 have a name is called to compete with cars like the Porsche Cayman in performance.Cayman load produces 275 hp, while they tend to wait until the RX-7 at least 250 hp to the table if we want to measure, and zero to 60 mph 5 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph. The new lathe also model provides better fuel emissions and CO2 visit.

Price & release date

The discharge date is still there is no official information yet also intimated in approach, but it seems the anniversary of the Cosmo, which celebrates its fiftieth year 2017 may be a suitable date for the relief of cars. We assume that means the vehicle will be created until now. The base value is still unknown, but they tend to price of $ 35,000 as a starting value for the floor covering.

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