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After announcing the record sales figures for 2018, McLaren confirms this The avalanche of novelties will continue in 2019, So the company Woking will introduce a new model on January 16 and it will be the third car presented in less than three months, after the recent Speedtail and the 720S Spider.

Although McLaren tries to maintain the suspicion of suspense, he simply quits the fifth model named LongtailThere is no doubt that this car will be the findable version of the 600LT. The teaser also lets us see the back of the car and we immediately recognize the fixed wing and the Exhaust gas outlets relieved Properties of the 600LT.

The 600LT Coupé, launched at Goodwood in July 2018.

It should be remembered that in 1997 the first McLaren to have the long-tail suffix was the F1 GTR Longtail. In 2015, this name appeared with the 675LT, then with the 675LT Spider, while the "small" 600LT entered Goodwood July 2018.

A very sharp convertible

The 600LT Spider continues that logically V8 3.8 biturbo of 600 hp of the coupe and shows a very restrained weight, which should be between 1247 kg (dry) of the coupe and 1402 kg of the 570S Spider. As for the coupe, The production of this 600LT Spider will be temporaryonly over 12 months.