McLaren P1 GTR tribute to Ayrton Senna

At the request of a client, obviously passionate about Ayrton Senna, McLaren has produced this particular P1 GTR. The McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Division has been working on this success to commemorate the first Formula 1 World Championship title the Brazilian driver won in 1988 with an MP4 / 4.

McLaren P1 GTR "Beco"

First, the colors are selected: Rocket Red and Anniversary White, which reflect the then brand Marlboro. But the references do not stop there Owner called his model "Beco" in terms of the nickname of Ayrton Senna. On the threshold of the carbon fiber chassis, a reproduction of his signature is visible and on doors and air intakes is the motto "perfection driven".

McLaren P1 GTR
The number 12 of this McLaren P1 GTR "Beco" is no coincidence, since he belonged to Senna in the 1988 season.

But the changes are not just aesthetic. Important work has been done at EU levelaerodynamics, Thus, new elements appear on the front (diving surfaces), an enlarged splitter and rear new boards that direct the air flow on the sides. The rear fenders also get larger fairings. Maximum support achieved 800 kg,

McLaren P1 GTR
McLaren P1 GTR "Beco"

The engine benefits from an increase in performance that the owner considers "more comfortable," but no figures are disclosed.

Note that the P1 GTR develops 1,000 horsepower of its hybrid mechanics. Its V8 3.8 biturbo is isolated here from a Gold heat shield

24 carats!
The interior is characterized by seams on the steering wheel, which correspond to those of the MP4 / 4, while the Alcantara is loaded on the cap of the dashboard.

McLaren does not state the price of the changes made, but if we want …

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